My dad wants to go Mecca
Plot Summary A challenge of a girl for studding with a religist family
Synopsis: In Afghanistan, the wealthy usually go to Mecca (Saudi Arabia) on the basis of the Islamic tradition. As a Haji, everyone will have respected him, but my father doesn’t have enough money then wants me to be a shepherd This film is one day of my life in suburb of Bamyan in Afghanistan. Ailar 13 Years old.
DirectorTayeba Rezaian & Hasan Natiqi Rzaian
ProducerRahman Alemi
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Genres Children Experimental Independent Short Student War
Running time15 minutes
Production CompanyBamyan film Academy / The Bamyan film Academy
LocationBamyan, Afghanistan
Known Crew crew
Tayeba Rezaian & Hasan Natiqi Rzaian Director
Rahman Alemi Producer
Known Cast cast
Ailar Shamian first role
Known Companies company
Bamyan film Academy
The Bamyan film Academy production company
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