I Forti di San Lorenzo

English: The San Lorenzo 's brutes
Plot Summary Three bad men hiding on the top of a hill waiting for a tip off..
Three bad men (mafiosi), hiding on the top of a hill, are waiting for a tip off, meanwhile something happens. A struggle for survival.
DirectorAlessandro Scarpinato
ProducerAlessandro Fricano, Alessandro Scarpinato
WriterAlessandro Scarpinato
Genres Action Adventure Black Comedy Short
Running time20 minutes
Production CompanyIndependent
LocationAlia, Italy
BudgetLow budget
First Time Filmmaker
Known Crew crew
Alessandro Scarpinato Director, Editor, Producer, Writer
Federico Chiesa Music Booker
Alessandro Fricano Producer, Translator
Known Cast cast
Vincenzo Pepe Franco
Calogero Salamone Vicè
Known Companies company
No known companies
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