Being a woman
Plot Summary Revealing the dark side of our society
Its about an imaginary woman character who files a case on her parents,siblings and some other individuals for her rights. She highlights the shortcomings of our society and the behavior of individuals within the realm of our so called civil society. She proves the discrepancies in our social life towards the women. With her arguments she awakens the inner soul of all individuals.
DirectorInderjeet SIngh Kunner
ProducerInderjeet SIngh Kunner
WriterInderjeet SIngh Kunner
Genres Art-house Asian Drama Experimental Family Women
Running time70 minutes
Production CompanyISK Entertainments Pvt. Ltd.
LocationMumbai, India
Known Crew crew
Inderjeet SIngh Kunner Director, Executive Producer, Facilities Manager, Head of Content, Head of Production, Producer, Script Writer, Studio Producer, Writer
Known Cast cast
Vivek Sinha Judge
inderjeet Singh kunner Narrator
Keyuri Shah Protagonist
Known Companies company
ISK Entertainments Pvt. Ltd. Production company

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