Le ciel, la terre et l’homme
Plot Summary The atmospheric documentary film tells in alternately episodes about the way of life in the moroccan desert.
"le ciel, la terre et l'homme" tries to get hold of the impressions of the Moroccan desert landscape, through which perpetually blows the wind, as well as of the people living there and to tell their stories. In the reality of the film a space of encounters with Ahmed, Yussef, Lahcen, and Idir is being developed and their stories enable the viewer to witness their daily lives, their desires and their feeling of belonging.
DirectorCaroline Reucker
ProducerGötz Reinicke
Genres Children Documentary Family Foreign Language National Student
Running time70 minutes
Production CompanyFilmakademie Baden-Württemberg GmbH
Aspect Ratio2,35:1
Student Project
Known Crew crew
Caroline Reucker Director
David Finn Director of Photography
Isabella Kohl Editor
Volker Armbruster Foley Artist, Sound Editor, Sound Mixer
Götz Reinicke Producer
Known Cast cast
Caroline Reucker Writer, Director, Producer, Editor
Known Companies company
Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg GmbH Production company
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