Maid For Us
Plot Summary A documentary which follows the daily routine of a domestic help in India.
‘Maid for us’ is a short film on Parvati a domestic worker commonly known as ‘maid’ in India. I tried to dig deep and take a peek into a day in her arduous life. I documented her daily routine and the endless cycle of working and providing for her family. Through my film, I visually highlighted some of the stark contrasts between the privileged and her deprived background evoking a sense of pathos. Over the course of the film I have tried to delve into the truth, toughness and pain that lies within their lives that needs to be told.

She relentlessly works through out the day in various houses, ironically the least in her own house. They live in a joint space with no privacy. She and her husband both have to work long hours to sustain their family. The motivation to educate their children and have a better life is what keeps them going. While attending to other’s comforts and needs ,she hardly gets time to attend to her loved ones.

Yet, at the end of it all she has NO savings left..Can we give her some hope ?
DirectorDisha Mundra
Genres Documentary Drama Experimental Independent Short Women
Running time6 minutes
LocationBangalore, India
Known Crew crew
Disha Mundra Director
Ritika Bhatia Researcher (Junior)
Known Cast cast
No known crew
Known Companies company
No known companies

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