Les voix du dedans

English: The voices from inside
Plot Summary portract of a woman hearing voices
Marianne’s face is ageless. She seems to have passed through many lives. Marianne, like others, hears voices. Here she shares with us, in fragments, her process of healing, as experienced by herself and others. Between affliction and optimism, this film invites its audience to rethink the futures possible for those living with mental disorders.
DirectorElina Chared
ProducerMaster écritures documentaires Université Aix-Marseille
WriterElina Chared
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Genres Documentary French Medical Reality Women
Running time25 minutes
Production CompanyMaster of Documentary film, Aix-Marseille University
LocationMarseille, France
Known Crew crew
Benjamin N'kaoua Compositor
Célestin Monteil Director of Photography
Robson Dias Director of Photography
Elina Chared Director, Writer
Juliette Brémond Editor
Master écritures documentaires Université Aix-Marseille Producer
Matteo De Mattia Sound Editor, Sound Operator
Godefroy Giorgetti Sound Mixer
Known Cast cast
Marianne Constanzo principal character (documentary)
Known Companies company
Master of Documentary film, Aix-Marseille University production company

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