Plot Summary If you will be harsh with Nature, Nature will not be Kind with you.
Five friends of different types business, come together. one of them is nature lover. Planned for jungle halt. Nature lover already inform everyone not to destroy or disturb the jungle and nature. But other friends doesn't listen. They Smoke, Drink, Cut the trees, Put the waste in jungle. Nature punished them. They all were punished by nature due to their mistakes.
DirectorSumedh Chavan
ProducerDr.Rajendra Chavat
WriterDr.Rajendra Chavat
Genres Documentary Experimental Music Video Musical Reality Short
Running time24 minutes
Production Company3 Dimensions Production / 3 Dimensions productions
LocationPune, India
Known Crew crew
Dr.Rajendra Chavat Art Director (Assistant), Concept Artist, Music Booker, Music Supervisor, Producer, Writer
Sumedh Chavan Director
Known Cast cast
Hambirrao Awate Dr.Anil Awate
Rajendra Chavat Mr. Siddhant Joshi
Sachin Patil Sanjay Deshmukh
Sunil Mudgade Shardul patil
Sachin More Shrikant More
Known Companies company
3 Dimensions Production production company
3 Dimensions productions 3 Dimensions productions

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