PATH! A Goodbye Letter to America
Plot Summary The journey of an African world traveler, Ebrima S. Ba, who has lived and flourished in Atlanta for 18 years. Now he is headed home to West Africa with the knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of a pathfinder. This is his Goodbye letter to America.
Ebrima has lived by the simplest means in Atlanta, Georgia for over 18 years. With the initial intention to pursue the American Dream, Ebrima felt that the Dream was just that - and decided to change his course after baring witness to the tragic subculture of homelessness in the United States. Nearly two decades later, his path has led him to share what he learned from growing up in West Africa - develop a foundational community, find a trade, stay grounded, and always give a "hand up"--not a "hand-out" to those in need. He has inspired others in Atlanta to repurpose their land and clothes to erect community gardens, he brought homeless people into these gardens, and produced two feature-length documentaries with all these intentions in mind. Now it is time for him to return home to bring his knowledge, wisdom, and understanding to his People. This is his Goodbye letter to America.
DirectorZak Norton
Genres Black Documentary Historical Independent National Short
Running time175 minutes
LocationAtlanta, United States
Known Crew crew
Zak Norton Director, Director (Self Shooting)
Known Cast cast
No known crew
Known Companies company
No known companies

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