English: Contemplation
Plot Summary A 15 year old depressed teen has a mysterious guest in her life
A 15 year old girl faces lots of problems in her life. When she was trying to deal with them, a new problem, a mysterious guest enters her life. No one other than the girl can see this guest. The rest is the musical journey of the girl and this guest together.
DirectorSnehal Patil
ProducerSnehal Patil
Genres Drama Educational Family Musical Mystery Reality
Running time83 minutes
Production CompanyPrakash Goenka and Pradnya Productions
LocationMumbai, International
FormatHD - 2K
Known Crew crew
Snehal Patil Director, Producer
Known Cast cast
Vinaya Gavade Meera Deshmukh
Known Companies company
Prakash Goenka and Pradnya Productions production company

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