English: Godown
Plot Summary Save Farmers Save Grains to feed our next generation of this planet
Gobar is a small time farmer, happy and contended though financially beaten up. He is in love with a girl next door 'Haldi'. But her father is not happy about it due to Gobar's financial situation.
There is a godown at the heart of the village, owned by head of the village 'Godaam Singh', who wants to dispose it off.
Haldi's father puts a condition to Gobar that if Gobar gets that godown, he can marry Haldi.

Meantime a government officer arrives to inspect on the developments of the village.

as the story slowly unfolds, it is revealed if Gobar manages to hold Haldi's hand or not and how he manages to take over the Godown.

GODAAM - a story nested inside a small village in India dwelling day to day lives of the farmers and their struggles told in satire way from the point of view of the Government Officer 'Vikas Babu'.
DirectorAkhil Singh, Akksar Allahabadi
ProducerAkhil Singh
WriterAkksar Allahabadi
Genres Asian Drama Foreign Language Independent Reality Romance
Running time120 minutes
Production CompanySarthak Cinema
LocationAllahabad, India
FormatDigital 4k
Known Crew crew
Akhil Singh Director, Producer
Akksar Allahabadi Director, Script Writer, Writer
Known Cast cast
Akksar Allahabadi Director, Script Writer, Writer
Known Companies company
Sarthak Cinema production company
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