Plot Summary a story of a girl , wich she fights her own war and stands alone again called as a brave girl
This poetic film comes up with the topic of Woman empowerment.

Empowerment in the context of women's development is a way of defining, challenging and overcoming barriers in a woman's life through which she increases her ability to shape her life and environment. India envisions a future in which Indian women are independent and self-reliant.
DirectorSahil Mhatre
ProducerSahil Mhatre
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Genres Drama Drama Independent Independent Student Women Women
Running time4 minutes
Production CompanyThe second mind production
LocationMumbai, India
Known Crew crew
Sahil Mhatre Director, Editor, Producer
Known Cast cast
Kushboo Saha Kushboo
Known Companies company
The second mind production company
The second mind production production company

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