We Are Warriors
Plot Summary Documentary about the musicians sacrificing their lives during war.
We Are Warriors is a documentary about Metal bands during war. Featuring members of Maysaloon Dark Phantom Step To Eternity Haunted Cellar Poets of the Fall Daylight Dies Orphaned Land IN MOURNING Aeternam Nervecell and fans Metalheads from Syria.

We Are Warriors

After 2 years of W:O:A Life of a Three Days Festival documentary, I decided to come back to do another film. This time, about the Metal bands who are still making music and doing concerts in the heart of Syria.

We Are Warriors, is the new documentary that I am working on and want to bring to life.
Directed,Written and Music by Abdal Rahman Achterberg
DirectorAbdal Rahman Achterberg
ProducerAbdal Rahman Achterberg
WriterAbdal Rahman Achterberg
Genres Documentary Drama Independent Musical Reality Thriller
Running time33 minutes
LocationHamburg, Germany
Financial OverviewNone
Budget0€ Just coffee and electricity in the living room
Known Crew crew
Abdal Rahman Achterberg Art Director, Camera Operator (HD), Casting Director, Celebrity Booker, Cinematographer, Composer, Development Producer, Director, Editor, Music Supervisor, Producer, Writer
Known Cast cast
Khodor Nashar Storyteller
Bahaa Nassar Storyteller
Rabeen Hashim Storyteller
Mir Cyaxares Storyteller
Abdal Rahman Achterberg Storyteller, Interviewer
Muhammed ‘Dio’ Almiqdad Voice Over
Known Companies company
No known companies
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