Razzi?na raazi
Plot Summary Farhan is the 22-year-old son of Shabina, who live in the outskirts of Nagpur. Farhan's father left the family five years ago in order to find a job in the city. He never returned. Farhan believes that they should sell the house and move to Mumbai in order to open a small business with the money. His mother is stuck up on staying there and waiting for the father to return. One day, Farhan brings home visitors who are looking for a house in the area, without his mother's permission.
Directortaaha quadri
ProducerSaahiil Thakkar
Genres Drama Family Short Student Women
Running time55 minutes
Production Companywhistling woods international
Locationmumbai, India
Known Crew crew
taaha quadri Director
Saahiil Thakkar Producer
Known Cast cast
shakti balan cinematography
saahiil thakkar producer
Known Companies company
whistling woods international production company

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