The era of 1962
Plot Summary A renowned filmmaker trying to make a film which has a strong story but producer demands are not quite eligible. He struggled to make understand to the producer as well as his wife. Suddenly he mates a person who lives in the past, in 1962. They trying to understand film situations on each other time's. The person called himself as legendary Film Director Ritwik Ghatak.
DirectorSandip Pratihar
ProducerKaustav Chakraboarty
WriterSandip Pratihar
Genres Drama Fantasy Mystery
Running time13 minutes
Production CompanyFPS
Locationkolkata, India
Known Crew crew
Ripon Hussain Director of Photography
Sandip Pratihar Director, Writer
Kaustav Chakraboarty Editor, Editor (Colourist), Producer
Known Cast cast
Sandip Pratihar Biswajit Das, Prantik Banerjee, Chaitali Dutta
Known Companies company
FPS production company

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