A Prince is Not Respected in His Hometown
Plot Summary An actor grapples with his Nigerian identity as he auditions for roles as an African American.
A black man in a hoodie mutters to himself on an overpass, causing passerbys concern. Is this a harmful stereotype or a well-rehearsed monologue? The hooded figure, Ben, grapples with being typecast in the limited roles offered to African Americans while embracing his roots as a Nigerian immigrant. This inner search for an authentic identity comes to a head when Stephanie, a well-meaning friend, gives unsolicited advice for his next audition.
DirectorBryan Sih
Running time9 minutes
Production CompanyJibrin Co and 4:3 Collective co-production
Known Crew crew
Yahna Harris Cinematographer
Bryan Sih Director
Known Cast cast
No known crew
Known Companies company
Jibrin Co and 4:3 Collective co-production production company
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