Love Lust aur Dosti

English: Love Lust And Friendship
Plot Summary friends reunion after 15 years.
one girl meets her college friends after a gap of 15 years, all these years she was not in touch with them. they decide to meet on Valentine day and then something happens....
DirectorAnuraag Talpade
ProducerKhaleeque Saiyed
Genres Bollywood Mystery Short Thriller
Running time19 minutes
Production CompanySkylight Creative Productions
LocationMumbai, India
Formatmp4, .mov
First Time Filmmaker
Known Crew crew
Anuraag Talpade Director
Khaleeque Saiyed Producer
Known Cast cast
Atul Hanvat Freddy
Pradnya Parkar Nikita
Sachin Shetty Ricky
Ruchika Gupta Shanaya
Known Companies company
Skylight Creative Productions production company
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