Plot Summary Based on a true story
A teenage girl gets entangled in an online affair without knowing the true identity of her virtual lover. A modern day Hitchcockian style tale of love, betrayal and revenge. Inspired by a true story. The film explores multiple themes and delves deep into the minds of isolated human beings and uncovers the ultimate dark side of cyber obsession and IAD (Internet Addiction Disorder).
DirectorAmit Chauhan
ProducerAmit Kumar Chauhan
Genres Art-house Asian Crime Documentary Drama Educational
Running time99 minutes
Production CompanyAmit Chauhan Film Co
LocationChandigarh, India
Budget12 Lac
Known Crew crew
Amit Chauhan Director
Amit Kumar Chauhan Director (Self Shooting), Producer, Script Writer
Known Cast cast
Shonit Sharma Arjun Devashish
Ranjeet Pannu Arjun Devashish
Naina Mishra Avantika Sharma
Jatin Verma Param Singh
Known Companies company
Amit Chauhan Film Co Production company

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