Kill Mode
Plot Summary At night killers plot...
Irmine is a victim of her own broken mind - terrified of her own imagination. Hunted by the demonic Stag Men she wanders the city at night. But Irmine has a secret - each day at 4pm she transforms into the super assassin Silver Wolf. White Suit works off the books, neatly helping those who can afford him, high level contracts, low level thugs. A terrorist gang takes a Zurich banker hostage. A bomb is triggered. A countdown begins. White Suit must disarm the bomb - Silver Wolf must disarm White Suit. But each day at 4pm Silver Wolf crosses back. Back into the world of acute psychiatric treatment. As Irmine mentally disintegrates she is plunged into a world of twisted mind-games and double identity. Silhouettes conspire. Killers cut through the city. Each a splinter from a shattered mirror - each switched to kill mode.
DirectorPaul Harrison
ProducerMagda Kwapisiewicz, Paul Harrison
WriterPaul Harrison
Genres Thriller
Running time15 minutes
Statusin post production
Production CompanyShot Positiv
LocationLondon, United Kingdom
Financial OverviewShot Positiv
Known Crew crew
Nely Konstantinova AD (1st)
Ruslan Nesteruk Boom Op, Mixer, Sound Designer, Supervising Sound Editor
Shakil Shamshad Colorist and Compositor
Mike Gunn Composer
Attila Toth Compositor, Trailer Editor
Sophie Barnes Costume Designer, Maker
Dominic Preston Director of Photography
Paul Harrison Director, Producer, Script Writer, writer
John Joseph-aloro Executive Producer
Katie Johnson Hair & Make-Up Artist
Lore Sabau Photographer
Magda Kwapisiewicz Producer
Lily Dong Production Designer, Props Manager
John Vrahnos Project Manager
Matteo Di Berardino Titles Designer
Angel Kunev VFX Department
Vladimir Miheev Visual Effects Artist
Thomas James Thornton Visual Effects Artist
Pranjal Kakshepati Visual Effects Artist
Sean Abbott Visual Effects Artist
Known Cast cast
Keval Joshi Bomber 1, Stag Man 1
Sonnie Beckett Bomber 2
Honey Holmes Contact
Angela Holmes Contact
matthew sim Dr. Franz
Philip C. Francis Francis
Daniel Guizzi Green Stag man
Pierre Joseph Hit 1
Alice Havillyn Irmine, Silver Wolf
Richard Ward Leslie, Olsen Vinterberg
Blazena Kovalikova Nurse
Rasheed Murat Stagman 2
Marcus McMahon White Suit
Known Companies company
Shot Positiv Production company
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