Plot Summary Money doesn't grow on trees ????
The past present and future combine to take a group of friends on a roller coaster journey to try and make some money .
Can Teddy and his friends get themselves out of the hole they have fell into while the past actions of family members creates a sinister plot of revenge on his loved ones .
Dark skeletons come out of the closet for the family and friends threatening to ruin the future of all .
The past has a habit of catching up to you .
DirectorMarc Egan
ProducerJack Harris, Marc Egan
WriterMarc Egan
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Genres Action Comedy Drama Short
Running time3 minutes
Statusin development
Production CompanyKolabor8
LocationLondon, United Kingdom
Known Crew crew
Micheal Chubb Boom Operator, Sound Editor, Sound Engineer, Sound Mixer, Sound Operator, Sound Recordist, Sound Supervisor
Sarah Counsell Casting Director
Foad Imrani Cinematographer, Director of Photography
Marc Egan Director, Producer, Promo Producer, Writer
Jack Harris Editor, Post Production Producer, Producer
Nathalia Anzola Focus Puller, Playback Operator
Natasha Mcdade Hair Stylist, Make-up Artist
Nick Ng Key Grip, Lighting Director, Lighting Operator
Luke Egan Picture Publicity Photographer, Stills Photographer
Lee Gipson Runner
Nicholas Francis Storyboard Artist
Known Cast cast
Charlie Bailey Billy
Lee Gipson Drinker
Mike Starke Matty
Andy Mills Old boy
Marc Egan Proper
Richard Keay school boy
Mitchel Hunt Teddy
Lisa Gorgin Tina
Known Companies company
Kolabor8 Production company
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