Plot Summary A story about young woman's dream for a better life in London.
'Romania 1996, its six years since communism regime has ended, yet the people are still living deplorable lives. Passports are scarce, travel and the western lives seen in magazines and on TV no more than fantasy.' 'Dora' is the dramatic story of a young girl from a village deep in the Romanian countryside who decides to escape. Smuggled in the back of a furniture van, Dora, a university graduate, travels 1900 km to London, where her life is about to change beyond belief, as she is trapped on a life of crime.
DirectorDelia Antal
ProducerDelia Antal, Delia Antal & Veronica Lazar, Veronica Lazar
WriterDelia Antal
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Genres Action Adventure Crime Drama Drama Gangster Independent Romance
Running time94 minutes
Production Company28 Films & AVAnti Productions / 28 Films Ltd. / AVAnti Productions
Location70% London, 30% Transylvania, United Kingdom
FormatDVD, Blue Ray, DCP
Known Crew crew
Lucian tion 1st AD - 2nd Unit
Zamfira Nastasache 2nd AD - 2nd Unit
Tabitha Beckman 2nd Camera Operator
Maggie Musial AC
Nico Metten ADR, Final Mix, Sound Editor, Sound Mixer
Junia Bashiru Clapper Loader, Clapperboarder
Amanda Caldeira Colour Grader
Gautier Galard Composer
Christopher Cole Director of Photography
Delia Antal Director, Executive Producer, Producer, Script Writer, Writer
Oliver Jenewein Editor, Offline Editor
Zinan Ding Film Editor
Laetizia Amoroso Music Editor
Massimiliano Guelfi Post Production Advisor
Delia Antal & Veronica Lazar Producer
Veronica Lazar Producer
Chaitanya Modha Sound Designer
James Benson Sound Recordist
Angus Young Still Photography - 1st Unit
Tony Honickberg Still Photography - 1st Unit
Known Cast cast
Octavia Alexandru Andreea
Chris Luca Bit-part
Gino Picciano Business man
Mihai Arsene Charlie, Actor
Harold Salakianathan Chief Immigration Officer
Mircea Tudosa Daniel, Actor
Delia Antal Dora, Actor
Gabriella Santinelli Emily
Dorel Antal Father
Sorin Ionescu Gavril
Aycan Garip Hotel Guest 3
Lauren Shein Hotel Receptionist
Denisa Vlad Ileana
Sebastian Lupu John, Actor
Ian Knauer Julian, Actor
Elena Harding Lana
Elena Popovici Lana, Actor
Michael Ellis Leo, Actor
Maria Alexe Maria
Sophie Brabenec Masha, Actor
Ioana Antal Mother
Drogba Junior Sam, Actor
Judith Musil Sandra, Actor
Moneer Elmasseek Secruity Guard
Jeannine Simone Stewardess
Christopher Jenner Cole Taxi Driver
Julian Bird The Duke, Actor
Radu Andrei Cucu Vasile
Known Companies company
28 Films production company
28 Films & AVAnti Productions production company
28 Films Ltd / Avanti Productions production company
28 Films Ltd. production company
AVAnti Productions production company
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