Four Guys, No Ball
Plot Summary Four crew members from different countries get lost in translation
Every four years, since the first World Cup in 1930, over 200 countries compete for a place at the Finals.
In 2006 the tournament was hosted by Germany.Three months prior to the first kick off an advertisement was posted on the Internet, calling for filmmakers to join… a "guerrilla low-budget documentary". Out of 600 candidates, only four agreed to meet in Germany and document the event. None of which possessed any professional experience or had previously traveled to Germany. This is the crew's journey.
DirectorHernan Fontanet
ProducerXimena Hoffmann
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Genres Adventure Documentary Experimental Independent Reality Short
Running time29 minutes
LocationBerlin, Germany
Financial OverviewThe budget to accomplish this film was provided exclusively by its members. It is about not wanting to be involved in any money transaction in this experience. This is a project free of money (thank God). So there are no companies, no big studios, no business connections, just us, average people. The philosophy of this project is about surviving and creativity. It is not only about what we are doing but also it is about how we are going to accomplish it.
Budget30,700 dollars
Known Crew crew
Robert Wollach Assistant Director
Thomas Oliver Camera
Hernan Fontanet Director
William Wright Editing
Ximena Hoffmann Producer
Hernan Jourdan Script Writer
Garrett Vang Sound Mixing
Known Cast cast
Hernan Fontanet Director
Known Companies company production company

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