In Search for Bible John
Plot Summary In Search for Bible John was a chilling and in-depth documentary about the notorious serial killer, Bible John.
The documentary drama examined the brutal murders of three young women in Glasgow in the late 1960’s and the extensive police investigation that followed; the biggest manhunt in Scottish criminal history.

The captivating documentary charts the vicious actions of this callous killer and the last known movements of his victims 37 years after the gruesome killings, the murder of Angelika Kluk in Glasgow brought back chilling memories. Her killer, Peter Tobin, was also linked to the murders of Dinah McNicoll and Vicky Hamilton who went missing in 1991. All three cases bore haunting similarities to the Bible John murders many years earlier.

In Search of Bible John was screened on Tuesday 27, September at 9pm on STV
Running time30 minutes
Production CompanySTV
Known Crew crew
No known cast
Known Cast cast
Stuart Mitchell Bible John
Known Companies company
STV production company

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