Plot Summary Life in a boarding school.
Between all the chaos that his boarding school has to offer Sagar... with his unique point of view has a very different take on the situation. Struggling to figure out the big picture इskool is the story of Sagar's senior school's junior year. Punishments from seniors, irritating classmates, exams and all the craziness reveals a whole new struggle- the struggle to understand himself. One move (brave or foolish is yet be decided) at the morning assembly changes everything including Sagar and his fate itself. Would Sagar crack under the pressure or evolve to achieve that one thing that is missing in his life?

इskool - the inside story of a boys' boarding school.
DirectorPranay Dawar
WriterPranay Dawar
Running time19 minutes
Production CompanyWelham Newz Prductions
Known Crew crew
Rana Narang AD (1st)
Naman Lahoti Director of Photography
Pranay Dawar Director, Director of Photography, Editor, Editor (Final Cut Pro), Script Writer, Writer
Known Cast cast
Pranay Dawar Director
Known Companies company
Welham Newz Prductions production company

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