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Ambiguity Ambiguity, 2019, 2 min
Sajan NR, Sajan Ramanandan Sajan NR Sajan NR
Guruthipala, India
Rain, Night and an ambiguous tale
Crime Drama Experimental Mystery Noir Reality
Expiraiton Expiraiton, 2019, 17 min
Lisheng Zhang Don Ohmer Lisheng Zhang
A relationship between a human and an artificial intelligence
Awry Awry, 2019, 1 min
Tevin Kimathi Tevin Kimathi
Nairobi, Kenya
When love takes the wrong direction.
Noir Short Thriller
The Last Doppelganger The Last Doppelganger, 2019, 2 min
Ryan Kaye Ryan Kaye Ryan Kaye
Los Angeles, United States
There can only be one.
Action Adventure Comedy Science Fiction Short Thriller
Varnam Varnam, 2019, 16 min
Translation: Colors
Mohammad Akram Mohammad Akram
Ajmal investigates Karthik about 2 friends death
Crime Drama Horror Mystery Short Student
Nijasthithi Nijasthithi, 2019, 3 min
Translation: Rectitude
Komalankutty Methil Madhavadev Manikkoth
ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates
Let us rectify our vision before rectifying the world.
Children Comedy Drama Family Short Silent
Verukal Verukal, 2019, 4 min
Translation: Roots
Komalankutty Methil Madhavadev manikkoth
Abu DHabi, United Arab Emirates
Just as roots remain unseen under a layer of solid earth, solutions are hidden by a thick crust of presumptions.
Drama Family Silent
The Stranger in the Square The Stranger in the Square, 2019, 4 min
Kishore Bhatt Arun Kapur
London, United Kingdom
Strange Man feeling lonely seeking to talk to some one.
Asian Experimental Short
ವೀಕ್ಷಕರ ಗಮನಕ್ಕೆ ವೀಕ್ಷಕರ ಗಮನಕ್ಕೆ, 2019, 23 min
Translation: Veekshakara Gamanakke
Pathal Prajwal, Quality Cinemas Pawan Production House
Bangalore, India
To create awareness among youth
Action Crime Drama Reality Short Thriller
Stalling Stalling, 2019, 5 min
Colin Burden Colin Burden Vivian oldaker
Salisbury, United Kingdom
Why don't we go to Broadstairs ?
Comedy Independent Short
Wedding Saga Wedding Saga, 2019, 90 min
Angel Amarachi Maledo Esther Okereke Angel Amarachi Maledo
Abuja, Nigeria
its about marriage culture and tradition.
Tsar Cannon or Cannon of Tsars? Tsar Cannon or Cannon of Tsars?, 2019, 5 min
Vladimir Morozov Olga Nemshilova
What is hidden inside of the Tsar Cannon in the Moscow Kremlin?
Documentary Experimental Historical Political Short War
Progress in the valley of the people who don't know Progress in the valley of the people ..., 2019, 67 min
Florian Kunert Stefan Gieren
Salzwedel, Germany
Memories of the factory culture and the economic relations between the GDR and Syria
Happy Halloween Happy Halloween, 2019, 1 min
Grace Joushua James Phillipps Grace Joushua
student film with a glitch
Piedra de caballo Piedra de caballo, 2019, 19 min
Translation: Horse stone
Cynthia Fernández Trejo Itandehui Alderete
Mexico, Mexico
Matilde, a dying little girl
Pie Pie, 2019, 10 min
Translation: Foot
Jonathan Canul Itandehui Alderete, Sharon Alpuche
Mexico, Mexico
Bertha, a single maid in the splendor of her fifties, one day found by surprise Pierre, a tender foreign child
Dreams in Color Dreams in Color, 2019, 4 min
Andrew Schwartz Andrew Schwartz Andrew Schwartz
Los Angeles, United States
Portrait of an Artist at Work
Documentary Short
In Loving Memory of Eve In Loving Memory of Eve, 2019, 9 min
Mackenzie Frew Adamm Liley Mackenzie Frew
London, Canada
After a fight that broke them, two brothers reconnect after a death in the family.
Drama Independent Short Student
Jardín de orquídeas Jardín de orquídeas, 2019, 13 min
Translation: Orchids Garden
Sergio Cervantes Esme Jofré Díaz
Mexico, Mexico
Nicolás is a boy who loves detective stories
Gina Gina, 2019, 9 min
David Diomedes Heras María Isabel Figueroa, Pablo Ángeles
Mexico, Mexico
Gina is a little girl who was born with a chicken suit