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Red Tears Red Tears, 2019, 20 min
VPTH Tharindu Ramanayaka Shreya Rawat
Kolkata, India
This is film on Subhash Dey who is the only blind theatre director-actor in India who is also a co-founder of Anyadesh Theater group, the only theater group in India for the sightless.
Documentary Student
Aziz Aziz, 2019, 20 min
Translation: Dear
A boy makes a plan to save his friend goat.
Children Drama Short Silent
Athena , Setayesh and others Athena , Setayesh and others, 2019, 2 min
Mohamad ali Wahaj Mohamad ali Wahaj Mohamad ali Wahaj
tehran, Iran
A man with a black dress; he is eating apples
Short Women
Berlin west Berlin west, 2019, 30 min
Azar Faramarzi Azar Faramarzi Azar Faramarzi
Berlin, Germany
behind the scenes of berlinale film festival in Berlin, and a little bit knowing about history of Berlin & Germany could be international for people and who like s to know about history of the country where hitler was the king ,once upon a time
Documentary Historical Student Women
Kabare Kabare, 2019, 9 min
Translation: Cabaret
Muhammed Vecih Düzgün Muhammed Vecih Düzgün Muhammed Vecih Düzgün
This is the story of seeking for freedom of human who is being captive by place, physiological needs and the time
Art-house Drama Experimental Independent Short Silent
Here Here, 2019, 5 min
Chandni Srivastava Akshar Srivastava
Noida, India
‘Here’ is about discovering our reality by connecting with nature that co exists in a world filled with reveries and illusion. Everything is ‘here’, we only find what we seek.
Asian Experimental Fantasy Short
The Ceased The Ceased, 2019, 8 min
Brian Stynes Brian Stynes Brian Stynes
Cork, Ireland
Pay with cash or card and let us execute you.
Drama Horror Science Fiction
Disha Disha, 2019, 7 min
Praveen Arora Somanath Sahoo
Alwar, India
This film is a documentary based on the rural development.
She Don't Know She Don't Know, 2019, 3 min
Praveen Arora Praveen Arora
Alwar, India
She Don't Know is a music album directed and produced by Praveen Arora. Music Cover is done by Milind Gaba .this video is based on a fiction story about a famous singer and a rich girl.
Music Video
Crush Crush, 2019, 8 min
Giacomo Gex Kyvon Edwin, Shai Frumkin Kyvon Edwin, Shai Frumkin
New York, United States
Natalie tries to break the bonds of technological enslavement. But can she really?
Drama Short
Muktiparv - A Renaissance Muktiparv - A Renaissance, 2019, 29 min
Saahil Shirwaikar Bhushan Nemlekar
Mumbai, India
For the basic rights of women.
Drama Educational Family Short Women
On the way On the way, 2019, 11 min
Man dies and has an afterlife experience.
#00000 #00000, 2019, 4 min
Blank team, Marine Georgopoulou Blank team
Ioannina, Greece
The concept of absence and its impact on everyday life
Experimental Independent Short Student
#unfair #unfair, 2019, 53 min
Wency Mendes Rajiv Mehrotra
Delhi, Karnataka, Punjab, Maharashtra, Gujarat,, India
the interconnectedness of stories from: skin, colour, race, caste
Uncolonize Uncolonize, 2019, 12 min
Anand Pavamani Anand Pavamani, Lisa Cromarty Anand Pavamani
Neal and Kyla are an outdoorsy happily married interracial couple on a hiking trip to celebrate their 10 year wedding anniversary. While on the trip, Kyla finds out something about her past that shocks her and will change their relationship for ever.
Your vote counts Your vote counts, 2019, 9 min
The Open Secret The Open Secret, 2019, 61 min
Soumodeep Ghosh Chowdhury Monica Mohnot
Four young film students decide on making a documentary on the lives of sex workers in the city of Kolkata. As they go on with the filming process, they come across the hardcore brutal reality of the world of prostitution. Their values and ideologies get
Black Documentary Experimental National Reality Women
Khamoshi Khamoshi, 2019, 14 min
Translation: Silence
Narottam Kumar Narottam Kumar Narottam Kumar
Mumbai, India
True detective in short Film format
Crime Drama Mystery Political Short Thriller
حتي تكتمل الصورة حتي تكتمل الصورة, 2019, 13 min
Translation: Painting the Lily
May Maraashly May Maraashly
Cairo and Alexandria, Egypt
A film on resilience and acceptance of the past
Drama Independent Short Student Teen Thriller
Sharam Sharam, 2019, 3 min
Bunny Holkar Ganesh Lasure
Pune, India
National Silent