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Dried water Dried water, 2017, 8 min
LALIT JHA Abinash kumar Abinash kumar
Rajsthan, India
save water to save life
Drama Mystery
In Our Country CINEMA Is The Most Popular & Most Corrupt Art Form In Our Country CINEMA Is The Most Pop..., 2017, 75 min
Uttam Halder Uttam Halder Uttam Halder
This film is about the most popular and mass consumed art form – Cinema. Presently, in our country cinema is far away from truth and reality. If art is the mirror of the society, then what sort of truth our people are sharing through this most popular ar
You Tramp, Therefore You Am You Tramp, Therefore You Am, 2017, 11 min
Core Of Monkos Core Of Monkos Core Of Monkos
London, United Kingdom
Roles have switched but the chaos continues when Trevor, Henry and Kevin cross paths again.
Black Comedy Comedy
The King's Oak The King's Oak, 2017, 7 min
Core Of Monkos Core Of Monkos Core Of Monkos
London, United Kingdom
A dysfunctional group of amateur filmmakers discover a portal in the woods.
Black Comedy Comedy Science Fiction
The Woods Are Calling The Woods Are Calling, 2017, 28 min
Teenaa Kaur, Teenaa Kaur Pasricha Rajiv Mehrotra Teenaa Kaur Pasricha
Dimapur, India
Tribal hunters of a village ban hunting to protect an endangered bird, Tragopan and save their forest.
Documentary Natural History
An Act Of Violence An Act Of Violence, 2017, 25 min
Abhay Kapoor Priyasha Bhardwaj Abhay Kapoor
New Delhi, India
Exploring act's of violence in different eras.
For Marta For Marta, 2017, 17 min
Ryan Guiterman Isabel Ellison, Jess Weiss Isabel Ellison
After a young woman named Alice commits suicide, her sister Marta and her ex-boyfriend Sam spend the next twenty four hours dealing with her death.
Echiche Echiche, 2017, 2 min
Translation: Thoughts
Prosper Okechukwu Prosper Okechukwu
Lagos, Nigeria
Thoughts of a Nigerian Hustler
Documentary Short
Aagrah Aagrah, 2017, 4 min
Translation: Zeal
Keya Dutta Keya Dutta Keya Dutta
Hyderabad, India
Ignite the zeal
Nihelious Nihelious, 2017, 10 min
Yuri Yefanov Yuri Yefanov
Kyiv, Ukraine
Contemporary nihilist likes kitschy
Animation Art-house Experimental Independent
Pedro Noula Pedro Noula, 2017, 110 min
Karolos Zonaras Katia Leclerc
Athens, Greece
A young man attempt to search for his real identity
Murder Mystery Noir
Whole To Part Whole To Part, 2017, 12 min
S.Vahid Nami S.Vahid Nami S.Vahid Nami
Tehran, Iran
Reincarnation of a dictator in the bodies
Screen Cowboy Screen Cowboy, 2017, 14 min
Morgan Guering Dilara Yürür Noyan, Morgan Guering Morgan Guering, Nicolas Lemoine
One man tries and saves Chaplin and Keaton from oblivion
Action Adventure
C.v C.v, 2017, 15 min
Omar Madbouly Ramez Mohsen
Cairo, International
A married young man with a baby girl is getting ready to attend a job interview after returning from a failure work trip in Dubai. Shocked by that the interviewer is his ex-fiancé, so the interview transformed into a verbal and emotional confrontation re
Jake Jake, 2017, 7 min
Andrea Ferrari Toniolo Andrea Ferrari Toniolo Andrea Ferrari Toniolo
Rome, Italy
story of jake
Fighting for the Wild: The Cochahuasi Animal Rescue Centre Fighting for the Wild: The Cochahuasi..., 2017, 21 min
Desislava Kadra Desislava Kadra
Cuzco, Peru
Peruvian animal sanctuary provides hope for ending the illegal wildlife trade.
Documentary Educational Foreign Language Short
Vika Vika, 2017, 15 min
Andres Di Bono Dorelis Roman Andres Di Bono, Dorelis Roman
Los Angeles, United States
Jennifer copes with her childhood bullying by becoming
Ananya Ananya, 2017, 97 min
Translation: Unparalleled
Arup Manna Arup Manna, Nabomika BORTHAKUR
Nagaon, Assam, India
The mind of human being is not static. It's moves one place to another place
Art-house Asian Drama Experimental Foreign Language Independent
TW*T: The Grand Illusion of Teenage Fantasy TW*T: The Grand Illusion of Teenage F..., 2017, 12 min
Daniel Hill, James Henderson Daniel Hill, James Henderson Daniel Hill, James Henderson
Southampton, United Kingdom
A teenage house party gets wildly out of hand, told in the style of a film noir
Comedy Experimental Independent Noir Romance Teen
Destiny Destiny, 2017, 14 min
azar faramarzi azar faramarzi azar faramarzi
It's about a fish breeding worker who ,,,,,,,