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Umbra ex machina Umbra ex machina, 2018, 1 min
Translation: -
Ardian-Christian Kycyku Ardian-Christian Kycyku Ardian-Christian Kycyku
Bucharest, Romania
A very short film about responsibility in virtual and in real life.
Black Comedy Drama Educational Experimental Independent
Cinderella Cinderella, 2018, 23 min
Mithun Balaji Karthikeyan Chandrasekar, Mithun Balaji Kishore Kumar, Mithun Balaji, Sanmugesh PK
Coimbatore, India
He is sleeping deeply in her heart
Drama Mystery Romance Science Fiction Thriller
Ek Aasha Ek Aasha, 2018, 124 min
Mayur Katariya Mayur Katariya Mayur Katariya
Surat, India
The quest of a transgender girl to become a teacher in India.
Art-house Asian Drama Independent Women
मृगजळ मृगजळ, 2018, 12 min
Translation: Mirage
Abhijeet Chavan Anuradha Chavan Abhijeet Chavan
Pune, India
Two friends fall prey to the illusion of mirage created by societal relationship
Adaptation Asian Black Drama Educational Experimental
Dhadpad Dhadpad, 2018, 3 min
Translation: Taking efforts for friend
Suresh Pawar
pune, India
taking efforts to solve friends problem
Children Drama Educational
Ali_ned Ali_ned, 2018, 18 min
Aaron Mendonca, Akash Purohit Aaron Mendonca, Akash Purohit, Tushar More Akash Purohit
Mumbai, India
A mundane morning is set for a Strange conversation between Three distinct Characters, All eager to communicate but some reluctant, for the revelations that it may entail.
Drama Experimental Mystery
Rashtreeyam Rashtreeyam, 2018, 2 min
Translation: Politics
Komalankutty Methil Madhavadev Manikkoth
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Politics restricts freedom of movement of the mind in more ways than one
Action Drama Experimental Independent Political Short
辛灵 辛灵, 2018, 14 min
Translation: The Inside
Malcolm Tan Pauline Sun Malcolm Tan
Shanghai, International
Is it Dissociative Identity Disorder or spiritual possession?
Asian Gay and Lesbian Ghost Horror Murder Mystery Mystery
A Good Deal A Good Deal, 2018, 3 min
Alex Hawthorne Alex Hawthorne Alex Hawthorne
A drug dealer is visited by a couple whose friend owes the drug dealer money.
Min Søsters Rose Min Søsters Rose, 2018, 12 min
Translation: My Sisters Rose
Froydis Fossli Moe Mathilde De Bras De Fer
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
A film about young love, passion and relationships in Norway in 2011.
Black Disaster Drama Family Foreign Language Gay and Lesbian
Tunnel Tunnel, 2018, 6 min
Shubham Pandav Shubham Pandav Shubham Pandav
Pune, India
The story of homosexual couple.
Krimikosh Krimikosh, 2018, 13 min
Translation: Cocoon
kolkata, India
An 11 year old boy who is curious about death, tries to understand existence by exploring sexuality; while his parents search the meaning of existence through him
Bu..chu..bho.. Bu..chu..bho.., 2018, 13 min
Marshal Kolekar Marshal kolkekar Marshal kolkekar
Mumbai, India
Respect Women and also show some respect to LGBT community
Drama Gay and Lesbian Short
ভঙা টেকেলীৰ পানী ভঙা টেকেলীৰ প..., 2018, 12 min
Translation: The allegory of life
Pranab Jyoti Mahanta Anannya Mahanta Anannya Mahanta
Guwahati,Assam, India
Importance of a mother's love for her daughter
Children Documentary Drama Reality Short Women
Super Night Super Night, 2018, 129 min
Victoria Malay
Filmed on the beaches of Ahlbeck, Germany, Germany
Family life on the beach
Chaai Chaai, 2018, 2 min
Translation: Tea
Sanskar Sharma Sanskar Sharma
Agra, India
Bolo nahi, Karo
Educational Political
The Ghost in the Kamera The Ghost in the Kamera, 2018, 10 min
Shona Charlton Shona Charlton
London, United Kingdom
A haunted movie camera
Children Family Fantasy Horror Short
Report Card Report Card, 2018, 12 min
Amol Kadam Amarnath Singh Amarnath Singh
Pune, India
Only School Grades does not Show your Talent .
Children Drama Experimental Reality Short Student
Nuit Chérie Nuit Chérie, 2018, 14 min
Translation: Sweet Night
Lia Bertels Serge Kestemont
Floreffe, Belgium
In the middle of winter, in the high mountains of Himalaya, a bear does not manage to fall asleep.
Animation Short
Take Care ! Take Care !, 2018, 8 min
Vijeta Dahiya Vijeta Dahiya Vijeta Dahiya
New Delhi, India
It depicts the loneliness of old people living in urban households, when their kids take up corporate jobs in a different city.