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Seventeen Seventeen, 2019, 7 min
Soham Vinayak Kadam Soham Vinayak Kadam Soham Vinayak Kadam
Mumbai, India
Based on teenage pregnancy
Drama Experimental Independent Student Teen
Stalling Stalling, 2019, 5 min
Colin Burden Colin Burden Vivian oldaker
Salisbury, United Kingdom
Why don't we go to Broadstairs ?
Comedy Independent Short
Neelconsteel Neelconsteel, 2019, 60 min
Mumbai, India
Neelcon Steel is India's 10th largest supplier, trader & Exporter of Stainless Steel, Carbon steel pipes and pipe fittings.
In Loving Memory of Eve In Loving Memory of Eve, 2019, 9 min
Mackenzie Frew Adamm Liley Mackenzie Frew
London, Canada
After a fight that broke them, two brothers reconnect after a death in the family.
Drama Independent Short Student
Das Bilderhaus Das Bilderhaus, 2019, 15 min
Translation: Motion Picture House
Tom Sielemann Niklas Michalik Christian Skibinski
Hagen, Germany
People meet in a movie theater
Comedy Drama Independent Short Student
Two World Two World, 2019, 13 min
Satyajit Das Satyajit Das
Kolkata, India
Mother and son internal bonding
Independent Reality Short Silent
Piano Piano, 2019, 12 min
Luca Tropea Anna Audrien
London, United Kingdom
A short film from a deaf dancer perspective
Drama Independent Short Sport Student
Last came uninvited Last came uninvited, 2019, 6 min
Kovid mittal Sk mittal M
Bangalore, India
A young man helps a lost woman on highway and it was his biggest mistake
Ghost Horror Independent Mystery Supernatural Thriller
The Web The Web, 2019, 32 min
Thomas Dejaegher
Belleville, Canada
A couple find themselves trapped on an endless road and must confront their past to escape
Ghost Horror Independent Mystery Student Supernatural
Coloquio Coloquio, 2019, 13 min
Blas Zanella Blas Zanella Blas Zanella
Casilda, Argentina
A child unnoticed
Children Drama Experimental Independent Short
Colloquium Colloquium, 2019, 13 min
Translation: Coloquio
Blas Zanella Blas Zanella Blas Zanella
Casilda, Argentina
A child unnoticed
Children Drama Experimental Independent Short
Les invisibles Les invisibles, 2019, 101 min
Translation: The Invisibles
David Lezeau, Fabrice Rendé David Lezeau, Fabrice Rendé David Lezeau, Fabrice Rendé
Paris, France
Drama French Independent Mystery Noir Supernatural
How many ? How many ?, 2019, 1 min
Solmaz Etemad, Solmaz Etemadzadeh Solmaz Etemad
tehran, Iran
Asian Black Documentary Experimental Independent Reality
Les eaux profondes Les eaux profondes, 2019, 53 min
Translation: Deep waters
Alice Heit Alice Heit Alice Heit
plouegat guerand, France
feminine pleasure and feminine waters explored and rediscovered with joy and poetry
Animation Documentary Experimental French Gay and Lesbian Independent
Dadi Ki Nursery Dadi Ki Nursery, 2019, 10 min
Translation: Nursery of Grandma
Muhammad Fahad Khan Muhammad Fahad Khan Muhammad Fahad Khan
Karachi, Pakistan
Reunion of grandson with his roots.
Children Drama Family Foreign Language Independent Short
Watched Watched, 2019, 15 min
Joshy Lee Elizabeth Faith Gisele Mauvecin
London, United Kingdom
Terrifying ordeal is live-streamed
Horror Independent Short Thriller
Pair of Shoes Pair of Shoes, 2019, 15 min
Hitesh Kumar Hitesh Kumar Hitesh Kumar
Sirsa, India
A small town boy wants a new pair of shoes.
Family Independent Short
The Eraser The Eraser, 2019, 14 min
Suprokash Hazra Suprokash Hazra
A philosophical, drama film connecting the significance of “Mumbra Building Collapse, 2013”.
Drama Fantasy Independent Mystery National Political
Loop Loop, 2019, 5 min
Akash nitinchandra Akash nitinchandra Akash nitinchandra
Pune, India
The psycho thriller shortfilm
Crime Experimental Independent Murder Mystery Mystery Short
Happy Bath Day Happy Bath Day, 2019, 5 min
Meka Butler Meka Butler Meka Butler
One German Shepherd finds out that a ride in the family car ends at her least favorite location.
Comedy Drama Independent Short