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Balloon Balloon, 2019, 20 min
Vyshnav pullatt
Kozhikode, India
story of a five year old boy and mother
Children Family Women
Immersed Immersed, 2019, 2 min
Tehran, Iran
A short piece on children seized from being
Children Drama Experimental Family Short Women
Mahbuba Maqsoodi Mahbuba Maqsoodi, 2019, 3 min
Benjamin Mang Benjamin Mang
Munich, Germany
The impossible story of an extraordinary life showing that love can change everything
Documentary Independent Reality Short Travel Women
Caza Caza, 2019, 13 min
Micaela Beltrán Yago Kühn
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Drama Independent Science Fiction Short Women
Trois actes pour deux fleurs Trois actes pour deux fleurs, 2019, 5 min
Translation: Three acts for two flowers
Alla Chiara Luzzitelli Alla Chiara Luzzitelli Alla Chiara Luzzitelli
Turin, Italy
Self portrait
Independent Short Student Women
The Red Cap The Red Cap, 2019, 14 min
Chandradeep Das Nikita Ivanenko Chandradeep Das
An old woman invites a girl and a boy for dinner and plans to poison them, an outrageous act that might stem from a haunted past which maimed her life forever.
Art-house Asian Crime Drama Mystery Women
Phone Call Phone Call, 2019, 9 min
Ankur Singh Sarthi Gupta Ankur Singh
New Delhi, India
A phone call between Mother (In Kanpur, India) and Son (In Mumbai, India) which impacts the life of the mother.
Drama Family Independent Women
The Wake Up Text The Wake Up Text, 2019, 13 min
Tori Eze Tori Eze
A story about sexual health issues
Drama Educational Medical Student Teen Women
دیسک خش‌دار دیسک خش‌دار, 2019, 15 min
Translation: Scratched Disc
Shahab Abroshan Banafsheh Ebrahimi Shahab Abroshan
Bandar Abbas, Iran
A girl tries to solve all problems of her family in a straing way
Drama Experimental Reality War Women
This is me | Dina Ivan This is me | Dina Ivan, 2019, 15 min
Theresa Khalil Theresa Khalil
Zagreb, Croatia
A portrait of Dina Ivan.
Documentary Gay and Lesbian Women
Two Kobo Two Kobo, 2019, 15 min
Damilola Orimogunje Tiger FireRose
A peak into the life of a woman struggling with mental health issues
Short Women
More Beautiful For Having Been Broken More Beautiful For Having Been Broken, 2019, 106 min
Nicole Conn Nicole Conn Nicole Conn
Los Angeles, United States
A coming of age for an amazing 10 year old with Special Needs.
Art-house Drama Family Gay and Lesbian Independent Women
The mummy's curse returns The mummy's curse returns, 2019, 18 min
Resurrected, empowered Mummy smashes her stereotypes and lashes back at all those who try to confine her.
Animation Experimental Horror Independent Women
A girl from Parsian A girl from Parsian, 2019, 20 min
Parinaz Hashemi Mobarakeh
Believe in yourself, go after your dreams, and don't let anyone put you in a box.
Documentary Political Sport Women
Don't Burst My Bubble Don't Burst My Bubble, 2019, 5 min
Victoria Malinjod Victoria Malinjod Victoria Malinjod
Brussels, International
Don't burst my bubble is a short film about puberty and society. It is based on real events.
Drama Foreign Language French Independent Reality Women
La Ronda La Ronda, 2019, 5 min
Jessica Marrero
Gáldar, Spain
Quizás quisiste decir: Reyes y Amelía son amigas y están jubiladas 43/5000 Reyes and Amelia are friends and are retired
Comedy Educational Independent Short Women
The Girls Are Alright The Girls Are Alright, 2019, 14 min
Gwai Lou Eduardo P. Goñi Gwai Lou
Puchong, Malaysia
Ani receives a strange proposition through a dating app she has just registered with, Orked, her best friend, is the first person she talks to.
Asian Independent Short Women
I'm Not an Actress I'm Not an Actress, 2019, 19 min
Ali Jalali
Tehran, International
I'm not an actress, a narrator of women affected by drugs in Iran.
Drama Women
Nee vithaitha vinai Nee vithaitha vinai, 2019, 5 min
Translation: The reaction you have sown
chennai, India
revenge by 3rd person for
Crime Drama Women
Metarmophosis Metarmophosis, 2019, 19 min
Svetlana Cemin Svetlana Cemin
New York, United States
The tale of Identity on Fire.
Art-house Documentary Experimental Women