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Fundido a blanco Fundido a blanco, 2019, 8 min
Translation: Fade Out to White
Karlos Alastruey Karlos Alastruey Karlos Alastruey
Pamplona, Spain
Respecting yourself and being loved are two powers you need to be alive.
Drama Gay and Lesbian Supernatural Women
Endless Endless, 2019, 180 min
London, International
Hope is a horizon.
Action Adventure Disaster Drama Family TV
Plastic Toys Plastic Toys, 2019, 120 min
Paul Harrison Magda Kwapisiewicz
The journey to the heart of evil...
Drama Gay and Lesbian Horror Thriller
Montecastro Montecastro, 2018, 85 min
Julián Reboratti
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Filmed in a totally independent way, "Montecastro" is a dramatic comedy, which explores new social, cultural, family and racial relationships in this great Latin city of the 21st century, which is the city of Buenos Aires.
Comedy Drama Gangster Independent
The Gift The Gift, 2018, 1 min
Abdul Rehmaan Abdul Rehmaan Abdul Rehmaan
About a boy who found an gift pack.
Advertising Asian Children Drama Educational
Miss You Dadu Miss You Dadu, 2018, 45 min
Translation: Miss You Grandpa
Subhash Ahuja Subhash Ahuja
Abandonment of senior citizens by their kins
Drama Short
Hello Hello, 2018, 4 min
Emmanuell Sarriera Leandro Torres
Burbank, United States
After receiving a message, a young woman reaches out to the person at the other end of their correspondences.
Drama Fantasy Mystery Short
A cup of Coffee A cup of Coffee, 2018, 4 min
Anas Salaheldin Anas Salaheldin Anas Salaheldin
Cairo, Egypt
if you don't see the beauty in yourself, you can't see it anywhere
Drama Romance
Viacruxis Viacruxis, 2018, 11 min
ignasi lópez fàbregas
vilafranca del penedés, Spain
Two mountaineers climbing the most difficult mountain.
Adventure Animation Comedy Drama
Induction to Purgatory Induction to Purgatory, 2018, 10 min
Ray Brady Anne Nauth-Misir
London, United Kingdom
A Nightmare
Drama Experimental Fantasy Horror Mystery Short
Psychomanteum Psychomanteum, 2018, 125 min
Ray Brady Anne Nauth-Misir
London, United Kingdom
A portmanteau psychological feature film
Comedy Drama Fantasy Horror Murder Mystery Science Fiction
Albert The uncertainity of human mind Albert The uncertainity of human mind, 2018, 75 min
Vishvajeet Oberoi Vishvajeet Oberoi Vishvajeet Oberoi
New Delhi, India
a Young writer's journey
Art-house Drama Western
The 15:17 To Paris The 15:17 To Paris, 2018, 94 min
Clint Eastwood
real-life story of three men whose brave act turned them into heroes during a high-speed railway ride
The Mercy The Mercy, 2018, 101 min
James Marsh
Yachtsman Donald Crowhurst creates an outrageous account of his disastrous attempt to win the 1968 Golden Globe Race.
Nothing to be won Nothing to be won, 2018, 132 min
Jack Hartley
Lancaster, International
Encaged by social pressures and an unhealthy relationship, things quickly take a turn for the worst behind closed doors.
The Creature from the Bag Lagoon The Creature from the Bag Lagoon, 2018, 22 min
Kevin Short Kathryn S Kraus, Kevin Short Kevin Short
Largo, Florida, United States
A comedy horror promoting the environmental importance of recycling.
Comedy Drama Horror Independent Short
Skye Steele Skye Steele, 2018, 30 min
Howard Perry Howard Perry Howard Perry
South East England, United Kingdom
Miss Fisher meets Indiana Jones
Action Drama Historical Mystery Spy Thriller
In No One's Name but My Own In No One's Name but My Own, 2018, 15 min
Adam Brummitt Adam Brummitt, Khnemu Menu-Ra Adam Brummitt
London, United Kingdom
A disillusioned expatriot makes a grand gesture of protest and mourning to the country of his birth...
Art-house Drama Experimental Political Short
I, Tonya I, Tonya, 2018, 120 min
Craig Gillespie
Competitive ice skater Tonya Harding rises amongst the ranks at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships
Dog Dog, 2018, 10 min
Roopesh Karunakaran Roopesh Karunakaran Roopesh Karunakaran
Payyanur, Kannur, Kerala, India
we forget value of life when moved towards money.