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The Last Moment of Ceasefire The Last Moment of Ceasefire, 2018, 29 min
surya kant verma surya kant verma surya kant verma
mumbai, India
Older men declare war but it is the youth that must fight and die
Action Bollywood Drama National Short War
Gaanth Gaanth, 2018, 17 min
Translation: Knot
Tushar Dhamgaye Tushar Dhamgaye
Ahmedabad, India
A harsh reality of india...about the life of farmers in india.
Documentary Family National Reality Short
Neev Neev, 2018, 6 min
Anurag Jain Anurag Jain Anurag Jain
Bhopal, India
Story about Father and son bond
Children Educational Experimental National Reality Short
Sacred thread Sacred thread, 2018, 3 min
Amar Gautam
Rudrapur uttarakhand, India
Short film
Bollywood Children Documentary Family National Reality
Kalaya nijama Kalaya nijama, 2018, 20 min
Hyderabad, India
Pure love story
National Student
The Snow-Covered Hills The Snow-Covered Hills, 2018, 35 min
Mehdi Mehrnia
Abhar, Iran
The Snow-Covered Hills
Drama Family Foreign Language Independent National Religious
Why They Change ? ? ? Why They Change ? ? ?, 2018, 1 min
Ashok Nirmal Ashok Nirmal Ashok Nirmal
Pune, India
Mahatma Gandhi's three Monkey
National Reality
Mondo-jeed Mondo-jeed, 2018, 116 min
Sandip Majumder Subhendu Dutta Subhendu Dutta
Kolkata, India
The result of War is same for all religion
Experimental Independent National Reality Religious
Breaking Chains : Bonded Labour in Brick Kilns Breaking Chains : Bonded Labour in Br..., 2017, 17 min
Raju Hittalamani Raju Hittalamani
Mumbai, India
on bonded labour system
Children Documentary Educational Foreign Language National Political
Gogoren Gogoren, 2017, 1 min
Ugur Ersoz
Manisa, Turkey
Rivayete göre yüzyıllar önce edilen bir beddua sonucu 6 haneden 7 haneye çıkamayan Göğören köyünde artık tek yaşayan Musa Acar kalmıştır. Geçirdiği bir kaza sonucu babasından kalan topraklara yerleşme kararı alan Musa Acar hayatını bu köyde geçirmektedir.
Documentary Drama Independent National Reality Student
Veshbhusha an identity Veshbhusha an identity, 2017, 15 min
Devendra Bantpelliwar
Mumbai, India
A boy comes to mumbai to bacome an actor but the destiny takes him somewhere else.
Drama National Short
I am so sorry! I am so sorry!, 2017, 3 min
Suniel Manjare Ravindraa Jadhav
This film about cleanliness.
National Short
Ekti Mitthe Golpo Ekti Mitthe Golpo, 2017, 13 min
Shruti Gupta Shruti Gupta
Kolkata, India
A story about class and gender roles in our society.
Drama Independent National Short Student Thriller
Khaamosh Khaamosh, 2017, 17 min
Translation: A silent cry
Shahid Nazir Khan Shahid Nazir Khan
sargodha, Pakistan
Based on poverty and over population of pakistan
Children Family National Reality Silent Women
Great Wall of Guwahati Great Wall of Guwahati, 2017, 9 min
Dr Satyakam Phukan Dr Satyakam Phukan
Guwahati, Assam, India
Discovery of archaeological ruins in Guwahati, Assam, India
Adventure Documentary Educational Experimental Independent National
Ashanka Malayalam Ashanka Malayalam, 2017, 10 min
Abhijith M Nair Abhijith M Nair
Trivandrum, Kerala, India, India
The Movie Narrate present and Past Painful Situation of Women and Children in Our Nation. Deals With Shocking Truth About Sexual Exploitation Above Said Both Categories With Support of solid news evidences.
Children Documentary Family Historical Murder Mystery National
Düğün Paketi Düğün Paketi, 2017, 60 min
Translation: Wedding Package
İstanbul, Turkey
A look at Turkey geography from a wedding perspective.
Documentary Drama Family National Reality TV
Traces Traces, 2017, 19 min
Thanassis Vassiliou Thanassis Vassiliou Thanassis Vassiliou
Athens, Greece
Two young women register for membership in a nationalist party and take us through the dark places that hide behind the curtains.
Crime Murder Mystery Mystery National Noir Political
The heyday The heyday, 2017, 27 min
苏州, China
a man crossed the time
Educational Independent National Political
Gazar Nouka Gazar Nouka, 2017, 30 min
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Drama Independent Music Video Musical National Natural History