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S06.3 S06.3, 2018, 30 min
Chitradurga, India
The project is a fiction which shows the undiscovered or unexplored abnormal psychological deviation that runs along a suspense thriller plot
Action Crime Drama Medical Murder Mystery Science Fiction
O O, 2018, 25 min
Chennai, India
questioning reality
Science Fiction Thriller
Cinderella Cinderella, 2018, 23 min
Mithun Balaji Karthikeyan Chandrasekar, Mithun Balaji Kishore Kumar, Mithun Balaji, Sanmugesh PK
Coimbatore, India
He is sleeping deeply in her heart
Drama Mystery Romance Science Fiction Thriller
A Wakefield Project A Wakefield Project, 2018, 85 min
L.A. Lopes, LA Lopes Diane DaSilva, LA Lopes
Toronto, International
Would you survive a day with the dead?
Horror Science Fiction Supernatural Thriller
More Than Stardust More Than Stardust, 2018, 10 min
Dakota Wollmer Dakota Wollmer Dakota Wollmer
When "falling stars" isn't just a metaphor
Drama Fantasy Independent Science Fiction Supernatural Teen
Flamenco Artballet-Pique Flamenco Artballet-Pique, 2018, 100 min
Thanasis Panou Thanasis Panou
xylokastro, Greece
Flamenco Artballet-Pique -videoart
Experimental Fantasy Independent Music Video Science Fiction
Sector zero Sector zero, 2018, 13 min
Banji Oyemaja Banji Oyemaja
Lagos, Nigeria
sector zero is Nollywood science fiction action movie.
Action Science Fiction
The Darkest Minds The Darkest Minds, 2018, 105 min
When teens mysteriously develop powerful new abilities, they are seen as a threat by the government and sent to detainment camps.
Fantasy Science Fiction
Bread Bread, 2018, 35 min
Alejandro Cons, Evan Clayburg, Jave Griffin Alejandro Cons, Evan Clayburg, Jave Griffin Alejandro Cons, Evan Clayburg, Jave Griffin
BREAD is a narrative short film exploring corporate control of a basic human right: our food supply.
Drama Experimental Independent Science Fiction Short
Microcosm Microcosm, 2018, 5 min
Paul Tanter Josh Horwood, Oliver Williams, Paul Tanter Paul Tanter
Oxford, United Kingdom
In a future where information can be downloaded into the brain, a killer has devised a way to upload themselves into people's bodies.
Drama Science Fiction Short Thriller Women
Misdirection Misdirection, 2018, 3 min
Paul Laight Paul Laight Paul Laight
London, United Kingdom
Valentine is meeting her boyfriend for dinner but her SAT-NAV has other ideas.
Comedy Science Fiction
Farewell Farewell, 2018, 11 min
Aurélien Rapatel
Camille and her brother Gaspard create a machine to discuss with dying people. They call it: Farewell.
Drama French Science Fiction Student
Anon Anon, 2018, 100 min
Andrew Niccol Andrew Niccol
Detective Sal Frieland stumbles upon a young woman known only as The Girl.
Science Fiction
Deathdate Deathdate, 2018, 8 min
Nicole Jones-Dion Gregory Shelby, James Moorer, Nicole Jones-Dion James Moorer, Nicole Jones-Dion
Los Angeles, United States
Two strangers are brought together by a mysterious cell phone app that predicts when they will die.
Experimental Horror Science Fiction Supernatural Thriller
Fall of Fellacy Fall of Fellacy, 2018, 43 min
Faraz Khan Chetan Singh, Faraz Khan
Aligarh, India
A short sci-fi movie.
Science Fiction
Bonkers Bonkers, 2018, 5 min
Walter Knockaert Stief Knockaert
Antwerp, Belgium
A detective and a cubistic monster fall in love
Art-house Comedy Experimental Science Fiction Short Silent
Binary Love Binary Love, 2018, 13 min
Ewan Golder Natalia Trebik
Lille, International
Every aventure starts with a Wifi connection.
Animation Art-house Black Comedy Experimental Romance Science Fiction
Hello Instantgram! Hello Instantgram!, 2018, 2 min
Matt Kollar Matt Maguire
Space Captain Grelf transmits a menacing and impressive message to the planet Earth.
Comedy Science Fiction
Pura Energia Pura Energia, 2018, 15 min
Francisco Garcia Mateos David Torres
Madrid, Spain
They thought it was a distant future. They thought they knew disaster. But only a few of us were aware of what surely would happen.
Science Fiction
Psychomanteum Psychomanteum, 2018, 125 min
Ray Brady Anne Nauth-Misir Ray Brady
London, United Kingdom
A portmanteau psychological feature film
Comedy Drama Fantasy Horror Murder Mystery Science Fiction