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Beached Beached, 2019, 6 min
Graham Hughes Graham Hughes Graham Hughes
Simon awakes in a locked warehouse and looks for an escape,
Mystery Short
All Men Must Die All Men Must Die, 2018, 9 min
Kate Beacom Kate Beacom Kate Beacom
Brooklyn, United States
Prudence tries to throw her best friend Kyle a great birthday party.
Black Comedy Comedy Drama Horror Short Thriller
Mounam Mounam, 2018, 11 min
Translation: Silence
R. Premkumar
bangalore, India
A Deaf and dumb person hearing for the first time.
Documentary Drama Educational Experimental Reality Short
Laanchhan Laanchhan, 2018, 9 min
Translation: Blemish
Ankush Sharma Ankush Sharma
Indore, International
A man finds out the reason why his neighbor's daughter killed herself and then he abort his own daughter.
Drama Short
Dhooram Dhooram, 2018, 6 min
Suresh mathew
Bangalore, India
Distance of mom and sons relationship
Drama Family Short
Dearection Dearection, 2018, 1 min
Ardian-Christian Kyçyku Ardian-Christian Kyçyku
Bucharest, Romania
A very short film about memory and the taste of life.
Art-house Educational Experimental Independent Short Thriller
Tomorrow Tomorrow, 2018, 9 min
Saksham Gupta
If reality can ruin dreams, then why cant dreams ruin reality.
Art-house Drama Noir Short Student
Abhimanya Calling: Kali Chaudas Abhimanya Calling: Kali Chaudas, 2018, 6 min
Manoj Anand Ajay Harji Manoj Anand
Leicester, United Kingdom
Midlands UK Grindhouse Comedy Horror
Asian Comedy Experimental Horror Short Supernatural
ثلاث دقات ثلاث دقات, 2018, 12 min
Translation: Three beats
Ahmed Kormod Ahmed Kormod
Egypt, Egypt
The film tackles one of the reasons why it affects communities by using a symbol that expresses this within the film's events . With its separate scenes, which pour into one mold
Animation Drama Experimental Independent Short
Les Premices De L'Eden Les Premices De L'Eden, 2018, 27 min
Translation: Eden's Premises
Helene Kuhn
Paris, International
A young broken couple in search of a new meaning of life.
Drama Foreign Language French Romance Short Western
Pilgrims Pilgrims, 2018, 24 min
Jacob Daniel
Trivandrum, Idukki - Kerala, India
How mad people survive in society.
Asian Documentary Experimental Reality Short Travel
Pekuakami Pekuakami, 2018, 12 min
Léo Konnerth Alexandre Dahan
Paris, France
In the midst of winter, a man disappears on the Pekuakami lake. Is it a death or a metamorphosis ?
Drama Independent Short
Solvival Solvival, 2018, 2 min
Iliya Atanasov Ani Atanasova
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
A new, VR, approach of learning, gamified, to make Physics more appealing to students and inspire them to explore its world.
Animation Educational Short
(s)ertruem (s)ertruem, 2018, 10 min
Tony Chaslas Tony Chaslas Tony Chaslas
The truth behind what you see
Drama Family French Murder Mystery Short Women
Consequences Consequences, 2018, 1 min
Rajesh RS Ani Atanasova
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
All that matters is to be good persons. Otherwise, there are Consequences.
Animation Short
Few Miles Away Few Miles Away, 2018, 15 min
Abhishek Swain
Bhubaneswar, India
Coming far from usual life a mother & daughter found the colourful moment of their life through nature.
Låt mig dansa Låt mig dansa, 2018, 15 min
Translation: Let me dance
Camilla Skagerström Camilla Skagerström
Stockholm, Sweden
Five young girls tell their story about the mental illness they suffer from every day.
Documentary Short
বিচ্ছিন্ন চোরাবালি বিচ্ছিন্ন চোর..., 2018, 18 min
Translation: The separation in quicksand
Last moments of a relationship
Drama Independent Short Student Teen
Resilience Resilience, 2018, 12 min
dario Sciabbica dario ferrante
palermo, Italy
Resilience is the ability of a material to absorb a shock without breaking. In the same way, the protagonists of the short film react to the shocks of life.
Documentary Short
Amorphosis Amorphosis, 2018, 22 min
Noro Napravnik Noro Napravnik
London, United Kingdom
Beast rising.
Horror Independent Short Supernatural