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The Brand New Friendship The Brand New Friendship, 2019, 33 min
Rahmatullah Tuhin Shaker Ahmed
Dhaka, Bangladesh
It's a story about friendship between a grandson & his grandmother.
Asian Children Drama Family
The Red Cap The Red Cap, 2019, 14 min
Chandradeep Das Nikita Ivanenko Chandradeep Das
An old woman invites a girl and a boy for dinner and plans to poison them, an outrageous act that might stem from a haunted past which maimed her life forever.
Art-house Asian Crime Drama Mystery Women
Nameplate Nameplate, 2019, 114 min
Preet Sinh Amol Ghule, Santosh Bankhele
Pune, India
Mathur Family's Dream House
Asian Bollywood Drama Family
Pacific Roses Pacific Roses, 2019, 2 min
Clint Riffo LA Reels Aida King
Los Angeles, United States
An interview between two WWII Pacific prisoners
Asian Drama Short Western
Alok Borsho Dure Alok Borsho Dure, 2019, 24 min
Translation: Light Years Away
Rahmatullah Tuhin Saker Ahmed
Dhaka, Bangladesh
This is the story of a mother's loneliness after the only child Arif emigrated to Australia.
Asian Drama Family Foreign Language
Dialog Dialog, 2019, 2 min
Souvik Chakraborty Souvik Chakraborty
Mumbai, India
Raw Music. no Instruments! Staright outta streets of Mumbai
Art-house Asian Bollywood Documentary Experimental Fantasy
Kaan Phus Phusot Phus Phusoni Kaan Phus Phusot Phus Phusoni, 2019, 9 min
Translation: Poetry of Whispers
Maharshi Kashyap Sagar Mahindra
kolkata, International
Bishwo,who is in a city is hit by nostalgia when he calls his girlfriend Mukuta,who is at a village and finds solace in feeling her space amidst the monotonoues life around him.
Art-house Asian Comedy Drama Foreign Language Reality
Vandemataram Jana Gana Mana Rap Vandemataram Jana Gana Mana Rap, 2019, 5 min
Nani Pramod Bachelor Kompa Productions Nani Pramod
Jersey City, United States
Vandemataram Patriotic Telugu Rap Song is the Story of India, story of Surgical strike. We dedicate this song to our martyrs of Pulwama Attack.
Asian Independent Music Video Reality Student
Kimiga iru , ita , sonna, toki. Kimiga iru , ita , sonna, toki., 2019, 85 min
Translation: You are here, you were here.
Kure city, Japan
Kishimoto, a sixth grader in elementary school, is a half of Filipino and Japanese. Being bullied in class. The best part of the school was a library room with a new librarian, Shoko who was kindly watching over. The same class broadcast committee member
Asian Drama
Fatima Fatima, 2019, 9 min
Noriel Jarito Noriel Jarito Noriel Jarito
Delhi, India
Story of a Filipino family man working at Philippine embassy in India encountered a beautiful Afghan woman. He has to decide, family or Fatima.
Asian Drama Family Foreign Language Independent Romance
Monsoon Clips Monsoon Clips, 2019, 12 min
Diganta Dey Diganta Dey Diganta Dey
Hyderabad, India
Last conversation between two dying souls ,Squadron Leader Mohammad Hussain of Indian Air Force & his wife Ila about their loneliness & passion of love.
Art-house Asian Experimental Independent Short
Gullak - The Money Pot Gullak - The Money Pot, 2019, 10 min
Aamir Qureshi
a poor man has to choice between his life and his child's future
Asian Bollywood Drama Family Short
Insha Allah Insha Allah, 2019, 84 min
Translation: God willing
Spp Bhaskaran Shahul Hameed
chennai, International
An inception at closure.
Asian Drama Family Foreign Language Independent Religious
Le the au fond de la theiere Le the au fond de la theiere, 2019, 19 min
Translation: The tea at the bottom of the teapot
Marc-Olivier Louveau Eddy Matalon, Marc-Olivier Louveau
Paris, France
How to control his emotions ?
Action Asian Comedy Educational Foreign Language French
A story of inland transport workers in Bangladesh A story of inland transport workers i..., 2019, 3 min
Iqbal munna Iqbal munna
dhaka, Bangladesh
ORGANISING IN BANGLADESHI WATERS A story of inland transport workers
Asian Documentary Independent
2 to 4 watch 2 to 4 watch, 2019, 10 min
Ali Zarekar Milad Asgari Ali Zarekar
Hamedan, Iran
The film is about love for the father
Asian Black Drama Family French Independent
President's horse President's horse, 2019, 7 min
Allabhya GFhosh, Allabhya Ghosh Allabhya GFhosh Allabhya GFhosh
Take care of your every step.Which provide you internal and external existence.
Animation Art-house Asian Black Comedy Children Comedy
O2-Oxygen O2-Oxygen, 2019, 28 min
Navi Mumbai, India
important of tree
Asian Children Educational National Natural History Science Fiction
Jok - It's not her fault Jok - It's not her fault, 2019, 5 min
Partho Paulinews Folia Film Street Production Aruba Ayesha
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Nothing but everyday story of a girl, who just have a question, which more important her as human or man-made social stigma?
Art-house Asian Drama Experimental Independent Student
The Girls Are Alright The Girls Are Alright, 2019, 14 min
Gwai Lou Eduardo P. Goñi Gwai Lou
Puchong, Malaysia
Ani receives a strange proposition through a dating app she has just registered with, Orked, her best friend, is the first person she talks to.
Asian Independent Short Women