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The Good Deed The Good Deed, 2019, 15 min
Eugene E~NRG Stelios Kokotos Eugene E~NRG, Ray Edgar
Melbourne, Australia
An 11-year old runaway Aboriginal Boy TYRONE, is delivered to his Uncle LUCKY’S house in handcuffs by the Police, who would normally deliver him to Social Services, LUCKY takes the boy in but TYRONE has other ideas.
Art-house Black Drama Independent Short
2 to 4 watch 2 to 4 watch, 2019, 10 min
Ali Zarekar Milad Asgari Ali Zarekar
Hamedan, Iran
The film is about love for the father
Asian Black Drama Family French Independent
Unbalanced Unbalanced, 2019, 25 min
Kelvin Osoo
Nairobi, Kenya
A story of Molly
Black Romance Short Student
How many ? How many ?, 2019, 1 min
Solmaz Etemad, Solmaz Etemadzadeh Solmaz Etemad
tehran, Iran
Asian Black Documentary Experimental Independent Reality
Superhero Blues Superhero Blues, 2019, 2 min
Chuck Gloman Chuck Gloman
Center Valley, United States
Super powers - Super responsibility
Black Comedy
Sawah Sawah, 2019, 86 min
Adolf El Assal Adolf El Assal Adolf El Assal
Luxembourg, Luxembourg
An Egyptian DJ stuck in Luxembourg
Black Comedy Drama Foreign Language French Political
A Very Odd Engagement A Very Odd Engagement, 2019, 15 min
Gareth James Carma Sharon
SYDNEY, Australia
Dark romantic comedy goes wrong
Black Black Comedy Comedy Horror Romance Short
And He Lost And He Lost, 2019, 30 min
Ranchi, India
One boy who comes to find his elder sister.
Black Drama Family Reality Short Student
The Open Secret The Open Secret, 2019, 61 min
Soumodeep Ghosh Chowdhury Monica Mohnot
Four young film students decide on making a documentary on the lives of sex workers in the city of Kolkata. As they go on with the filming process, they come across the hardcore brutal reality of the world of prostitution. Their values and ideologies get
Black Documentary Experimental National Reality Women
Ivy Ivy, 2019, 6 min
Ceejay Mitchell Connor Gillooly Ceejay Mitchell
Richmond, United States
modern relationships.
Black Drama Gay and Lesbian Romance Short
Somewhere in April Somewhere in April, 2019, 16 min
Dickel Twumasi Dickel Twumasi Dickel Twumasi
Accra, Ghana
An April 1st prank
Black Reality Short
Another Chance Another Chance, 2019, 63 min
Jonathan Nelson Jonathan Nelson Jonathan Nelson
DALLAS, United States
God Never Makes Mistakes
Black Drama Family Independent Reality
Among Thieves Among Thieves, 2019, 15 min
Karys Palmer-Thompson, RJ Thompson Karys Palmer-Thompson
London, United Kingdom
There is no honor among thieves
Black Crime Family Gangster Independent Murder Mystery
The motherland The motherland, 2018, 61 min
Shibu Prusty Indira Das Shibu Prusty
Jajpur, Odisha, India
‘The Motherland’ is a social issue based film deals with issues like land acquisition for industrialization, tribal land rights, displacement of habitats, issues of unemployment and environmental pollutions, etc.
Asian Black Disaster Documentary Educational Experimental
Classic Punk Classic Punk, 2018, 9 min
Ashley Hiatt Simone Cortes
New York City, United States
Older Punk woman's coming of age story
Art-house Black Comedy Drama Independent Short
PATH! A Goodbye Letter to America PATH! A Goodbye Letter to America, 2018, 175 min
Zak Norton
Atlanta, United States
The journey of an African world traveler, Ebrima S. Ba, who has lived and flourished in Atlanta for 18 years. Now he is headed home to West Africa with the knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of a pathfinder. This is his Goodbye letter to America.
Black Documentary Historical Independent National Short
Riches Riches, 2018, 38 min
Bryan Lomax Bryan Lomax
An exploration of faith between two cultures.
Black Documentary Independent Reality
Spero Spero, 2018, 4 min
Saurabh Thakare Abhishek Muthal Saurabh Thakare
Mumbai, India
Child harrassment portrays in symbolic manner i.e Dark room
Art-house Asian Black Children Crime Disaster
Goyave Goyave, 2018, 28 min
Christophe Agelan, NENEB BP Christophe Agelan
Martinique Musical drama
Black Drama French Independent Musical Romance
Pure slasher Pure slasher, 2018, 20 min
PEDRO LUCAS, Pedro Lucas Begines Pedro Lucas Begines Pedro Lucas Begines
Los Palacios y Villafranca, Spain
4 adolescentes y un asesino
Black Crime Erotic Horror Murder Mystery Reality