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When the dragon came (monologues) When the dragon came (monologues), 2018, 20 min
Stefan Pavlovic Cristina Hoffman, Dan Nutu Stefan Pavlovic
Bata, Romania
the acceptance of a life turned out not quite as expected.
Drama Experimental Family Foreign Language Independent
Palsy Palsy, 2018, 9 min
S.S.S Kalyan
Vijayawada, India
A Neo-Noir Fictional Film
Crime Experimental Murder Mystery Noir Thriller
Deathdate Deathdate, 2018, 8 min
Nicole Jones-Dion Gregory Shelby, James Moorer, Nicole Jones-Dion James Moorer, Nicole Jones-Dion
Los Angeles, United States
Two strangers are brought together by a mysterious cell phone app that predicts when they will die.
Experimental Horror Science Fiction Supernatural Thriller
Ezperanza Ezperanza, 2018, 14 min
Kadher karipody
Kerala, India
A young guy got abducted in a private prison and fed same food each day and night as a punishment for his guilt.
Adventure Art-house Drama Experimental Independent Thriller
Life of bakhtay Life of bakhtay, 2018, 14 min
Hassan Natiqi Raman Alemi
The Bamyan of Afghanistan, Afghanistan
A girl who should make decisions to choose husband or art!
Action Asian Children Drama Experimental Family
Nabigha az diyar boda Nabigha az diyar boda, 2018, 18 min
Translation: A genius from Buddha’s territory
Raman Alemi
The Bamyan of Afghanistan, Afghanistan
A boy creator and wishes in Homeland
Asian Documentary Educational Experimental Family Historical
The Bamyan herald The Bamyan herald, 2018, 20 min
Eshaq Akrami Raman Alemi
Bamyan, Afghanistan
A herald man challenges to keep his job!
Asian Documentary Drama Educational Experimental Historical
A single mum from Bamyan A single mum from Bamyan, 2018, 21 min
Aqila Farhamnd Raman Alemi Raman Alemi
Bamyan, Afghanistan
Women in Challenge of life
Asian Drama Experimental Foreign Language Independent Short
#MeTonight #MeTonight, 2018, 100 min
Tony Marquez Tony Marquez Tony Marquez
Los Angeles, United States
A date night does not end as usually planned.
Experimental Independent Women
The White Hole The White Hole, 2018, 3 min
Ojas Kulkarni
Two humans are trapped.
Drama Experimental Fantasy Horror Independent Student
Buy The Dip Buy The Dip, 2018, 4 min
Sam Smith Sarah Barr Sam Smith
Two friends meet a homeless man who introduces them to the world of cryptocurrency
Black Comedy Comedy Experimental Independent Short
Bonkers Bonkers, 2018, 5 min
Walter Knockaert Stief Knockaert
Antwerp, Belgium
A detective and a cubistic monster fall in love
Art-house Comedy Experimental Science Fiction Short Silent
Binary Love Binary Love, 2018, 13 min
Ewan Golder Natalia Trebik
Lille, International
Every aventure starts with a Wifi connection.
Animation Art-house Black Comedy Experimental Romance Science Fiction
All That You Love Will Be Carried Away All That You Love Will Be Carried Away, 2018, 14 min
Kasey Rae Chante Van Heerden, Elanna Conn, Karen Cozzens, Kasey Rae... Kasey Rae
New York, NY, United States
Alfie Zimmer is a suicidal salesman with a notebook full of everyone else's stories. But tonight he's forcing himself to figure out the ending to his own.
Drama Experimental Independent Short
One Day king One Day king, 2018, 17 min
Natasha Tendulkar Nitesh Rathod Natasha Tendulkar
virar, India
True artist living for art
Experimental Short
Muzzle Muzzle, 2018, 5 min
Vladimir Morozov
Kaluga, Russia
What hides inside the Tsar Cannon in Moscow Kremlin?
Documentary Experimental Historical Independent Political Short
The Blue Redemption The Blue Redemption, 2018, 130 min
Shivdeep Shinde Shivdeep Shinde
Pune, India
Death Philosophy
Art-house Asian Crime Drama Erotic Experimental
Loralir Sadhukatha Loralir Sadhukatha, 2018, 69 min
Translation: Tales from our childhood
Mukul Haloi
Guwahati, India
A non-fiction film about filmaker's childhood gripped in a seperatist armed movement in India.
Asian Documentary Experimental Family Historical Independent
Tears in Khushi Tears in Khushi, 2018, 93 min
Ravneet Kaur Divine Masterpiece Ravneet Kaur
Mumbai, India
Can a child reunite a family?
Bollywood Children Drama Educational Experimental Family
Stray Star Stray Star, 2018, 8 min
Paramjeet Singh Kattu Jaswinder Singh Dhillon Paramjeet Singh Kattu
Ludhiana, India
This is a silent short film about the deep relation of Punjab and migration.
Experimental Short Silent