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Rangreza Rangreza, 2018, 140 min
Amir Mohiuddin
Foreign Language Musical Romance
Zendegie Bedoone Zendegi Zendegie Bedoone Zendegi, 2017, 90 min
Translation: Life without Life
Kaveh Moeinfar Kaveh Moeinfar Kaveh Moeinfar
Tehran, Iran
A young musician collects his sick father's money from debtors in an unusual way.
Drama Family Foreign Language Independent Medical Musical
36 24 42 36 24 42, 2017, 58 min
vivek narang
PUNE, India
Story of 31/2 gals
Bollywood Drama Educational Music Video Musical Reality
The Greatest Showman The Greatest Showman, 2017, 139 min
Michael Gracey
P. T. Barnum - Musical
Mudita Mudita, 2017, 160 min
Swaroop Kanchi
Bangalore, India
A film about a lonely saxophonist.
Drama Musical Romance
Gazar Nouka Gazar Nouka, 2017, 30 min
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Drama Independent Music Video Musical National Natural History
At Ivan Kupala’s night At Ivan Kupala’s night, 2017, 62 min
Tatiana Davydova Oleg Davydov Oleg Davydov
Film based on St. John's Eve, by Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol
Fantasy Musical Religious
Mayfly Mayfly, 2017, 20 min
its a story of a strange boy whose life is only depend on 24 hours
Black Comedy Crime Independent Musical Reality Short
Talab Talab, 2017, 3 min
Rohit Mehra Varun Bokolia
New Delhi, India
Its a short film based on a short poetry
Art-house Family Musical Romance Short
Ode to Boy Ode to Boy, 2017, 4 min
Alex Rappoport Alex Rappoport
Saugerties, NY, United States
The joy and determination of a child trying to catch falling maple tree seeds.
Children Family Independent Musical Short
Simbi_Xombies Simbi_Xombies, 2017, 98 min
David Kim Abdul Stone Jackson, Dave Kim, Jairo E. Gonzalez, Tareq A... David Kim
Black Comedy Experimental Independent Musical
Ek Jaise Ek Jaise, 2016, 3 min
Neeraj Saini Neeraj Saini Neeraj Saini
Mumbai, India
Pranoy & Pritha fighting for there love.
Musical Reality Romance
Music for the Visually Impaired Music for the Visually Impaired, 2016, 18 min
Dele Dizzy Adereti Dele Dizzy Adereti
Calgary Alberta, Canada
Eazy Mac goes on a acid induced musical journey
Music Video Musical Short
No Smoking in Sarajevo No Smoking in Sarajevo, 2016, 75 min
Gianluca Loffredo Gianluca Loffredo, Gildas Nivet Andrea Postiglione
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Musical documentary about a former Jugoslavia rock/punk band (Zabranjeno Pušenje)
Documentary Historical Musical Political
Father|Daughter Father|Daughter, 2016, 4 min
Oskar Nilsson Oniqur Rahman Oskar Nilsson
London, United Kingdom
A father repairs his relationship with his daughter before she leaves for good.
Black Experimental Family Independent Musical Short
Gustaakh Gustaakh, 2016, 30 min
Translation: Mischievous
Prashant Rana
Mumbai, India
After India gets freedom, the characters realize that the freedom is not for everyone.
Art-house Drama Musical Period Romance Thriller
Mischievous Mischievous, 2016, 30 min
Prashant Rana Prashant Rana
Mumbai, India
After India gets freedom, the characters realize that the freedom is not for everyone.
Art-house Drama Musical Period Romance Thriller
The Purloined Guitar The Purloined Guitar, 2016, 33 min
Allan McCall
Austin, Texas, United States
Songwriting private detective Maxwell Miller gets more than he bargained for when he agrees to recover a client's stolen guitar.
Crime Drama Independent Musical Noir Short
You Can't Hide From The Truth You Can't Hide From The Truth, 2016, 29 min
A.a.V. Amasi A.a.V. Amasi
basingstoke, United Kingdom
A once-successful musician struggles to lift his family from poverty through his young son's drumming skills.
Black Children Documentary Educational Family Independent Musical TV ...
Marali manege Marali manege, 2016, 121 min
Translation: Homecoming
Mother waiting for her son to get back home.
Children Drama Experimental Family Musical Women