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The Knockoffs The Knockoffs, 2019, 95 min
David Richards David Richards, Lee Shields David Richards
Shoal Bay, Australia
Not all action figures are created equal.
Action Comedy Family Fantasy Independent
The cursed necklace The cursed necklace, 2018, 35 min
Parivesh Padhy Parivesh Padhy
mumbai, India
An ancient cursed necklaces found in modern times.
Action Drama Experimental Fantasy Independent Supernatural
The Dialogue The Dialogue, 2018, 16 min
Kshitij bhandare Kshitij bhandare
Mumbai, India
Conversation between Writer & his character
Drama Fantasy Foreign Language Independent
The God of Infinity The God of Infinity, 2018, 19 min
Ravi Nimbalkar Ravi Nimbalkar Ravi Nimbalkar
PUNE, India
struggle is for infinity with no start and no end just like 'Ananta'.
Drama Experimental Fantasy
O Apestalmenos O Apestalmenos, 2018, 18 min
Translation: The Liaison
Panos Kostouros Panos Kostouros Panos Kostouros
Athens, Greece
A modern take on the ancient myth of Persephone
Art-house Experimental Fantasy
Hasiru ribbon Hasiru ribbon, 2018, 107 min
Two women are trying to run their household when their lives are interrupted by a person who gives them a ray of hope. But, is this person really as saintly as they claim, or do they have an ulterior motive behind their goodness?
The Ghost in the Kamera The Ghost in the Kamera, 2018, 10 min
Shona Charlton Shona Charlton
London, United Kingdom
A haunted movie camera
Children Family Fantasy Horror Short
Chromads Chromads, 2018, 4 min
Sailesh Kolanu Sailesh Kolanu Sailesh Kolanu
Sydney, Australia
Two guys head out into a desert.
Drama Experimental Fantasy Independent Medical Mystery
Fábula de recuerdos y sueños Fábula de recuerdos y sueños, 2018, 5 min
Translation: A fable of memories and dreams
Luis M. Jara Luis M. Jara Luis M. Jara
A filmed dream about memories.
Art-house Drama Fantasy Independent Short Thriller
A Bedtime Tale A Bedtime Tale, 2018, 10 min
Michael Adel Michael Adel Michael Adel
cairo, Egypt
unable to choose or rebel on his bad circumstances, gets insomnia losing the shining part of his life.. so, he tries to treat himself by telling his story
Black Comedy Drama Fantasy Foreign Language Independent Reality
More Than Stardust More Than Stardust, 2018, 10 min
Dakota Wollmer Dakota Wollmer Dakota Wollmer
When "falling stars" isn't just a metaphor
Drama Fantasy Independent Science Fiction Supernatural Teen
Sobuj Choshma Sobuj Choshma, 2018, 25 min
Translation: The Green Goggles
Indranil Nag
Kolkata, India
A Dream Invention
Children Drama Fantasy Ghost Short
Flamenco Artballet-Pique Flamenco Artballet-Pique, 2018, 100 min
Thanasis Panou Thanasis Panou
xylokastro, Greece
Flamenco Artballet-Pique -videoart
Experimental Fantasy Independent Music Video Science Fiction
Flora & Fauna Flora & Fauna, 2018, 15 min
Olivia Waring
Portslade, United Kingdom
A seaside hoodlum transforms an impressionable do-gooder into her paramour - before they become Portslade’s answer to the Kray Twins.
Adventure Black Comedy Comedy Fantasy Gangster Independent
Khyapa Khyapa, 2018, 105 min
Translation: Pariah
Riddhi Majumder Riddhi Majumder
Bolpur, India
An outsider steps into a civilization which only catapults his unfortunate existence into a series of torture and hatred.
Asian Drama Fantasy Independent Political Religious
Mere Dildar Ka Bankpan Mere Dildar Ka Bankpan, 2018, 18 min
Rajeev Vashisht Rajeev Vashisht
Ambernath, India
Stand up comedy about Stars Emotional connect with fans & vice versa
Bollywood Comedy Drama Family Fantasy Romance
Sicilian Ghost Story Sicilian Ghost Story, 2018, 122 min
Antonio Piazza
After the boy she loves vanishes, a teenage girl ventures into the forest to search for him.
Drama Fantasy
The Darkest Minds The Darkest Minds, 2018, 105 min
When teens mysteriously develop powerful new abilities, they are seen as a threat by the government and sent to detainment camps.
Fantasy Science Fiction
Namard Namard, 2018, 21 min
Uday Kamat Vandana Kamat
Mumbai, India
Flutter in social trend of live-in relationship
Drama Fantasy Short
The Little Romeo The Little Romeo, 2018, 28 min
hyderabad, India, India
Its 3d Animation Short film.Its about love can be in any form
Animation Family Fantasy Romance Short