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Scuttlers Scuttlers, 2019, 100 min
Salem Kapsaski
Manchester, United Kingdom
Horror film set in Victorian Manchester.
Drama Gangster Horror Thriller
Plastic Toys Plastic Toys, 2019, 140 min
Paul Harrison Magda Kwapisiewicz Paul Harrison
The journey to the heart of evil...
Drama Gay and Lesbian Horror Thriller
Adsum Adsum, 2018, 5 min
Translation: Iam here
Brian Rodriguez Katherine Hernandez Erick Velazquez
Arecibo, Puerto Rico
the legend of the ghost of Viviana
Foreign Language Ghost Horror Short Student
A Naşkvit A Naşkvit, 2018, 23 min
Müntekim Gerginok Müntekim Gerginok Müntekim Gerginok
Istanbul, Turkey
Did he broke bad?
Action Art-house Black Comedy Drama Experimental Horror
The Domestics The Domestics, 2018, 95 min
In a terrifying post-apocalyptic world inhabited by murderous gangs divided into deadly factions, Nina and Mark race desperately across the lawless countryside in search of safety.
Stuck in a metro Stuck in a metro, 2018, 15 min
Rajeev Vashisht Rajeev Vashisht
Ambernath, India
Film about equality granted to women in Indian democracy, neglected Infrastructure & abject travel conditions in Mumbai City/Suburbs
Adventure Comedy Crime Documentary Experimental Horror
Unfriended: Dark Web Unfriended: Dark Web, 2018, 92 min
Stephen Susco Stephen Susco
he planned night of fun quickly turns deadly as each user becomes the target of something sinister while the others watch helplessly in terror.
Blood Stains Blood Stains, 2018, 14 min
Gerardo Lopez Gerardo Lopez Gerardo Lopez
Palmdale, CA, United States
A road thriller
Drama Horror Thriller
Lady in Waiting Lady in Waiting, 2018, 3 min
Bob Cartwright Bob Cartwright Bob Cartwright
Malvern, International
Lady in Waiting
Horror Short Thriller
Blood Fest Blood Fest, 2018, 90 min
Owen Egerton Owen Egerton
Fans flock to a festival celebrating iconic horror movies, only to discover that the showman behind the event has a diabolical agenda
El secreto de Marrowbone El secreto de Marrowbone, 2018, 110 min
Translation: The Secret of Marrowbone
Spanish drama horror-thriller film
Foreign Language Horror
The Black Man The Black Man, 2018, 4 min
Sudhi Haridas
Kerala, India
Based on true incident
Inside Inside, 2018, 135 min
Chris Dudley Lee Preston Lee Preston
Leeds, United Kingdom
Inside the mind of the man in the forest.
Experimental Horror Mystery Short Supernatural Thriller
Hereditary Hereditary, 2018, 127 min
Ari Aster Ari Aster
American supernatural horror film
Truth Or Dare Truth Or Dare, 2018, 11 min
Shabas Ali Rashid Neo Film School .
Alappuzha, India
A harmless game of Truth or Dare among friends turns deadly when someone -- or something -- begins to punish those who tell a lie or refuse the dare.
The Viewing The Viewing, 2018, 4 min
Sebastian Roberts Sharon Spink Ebony Rae Michaelson, Laurence J Campling, Sebastian Robe...
Leeds, United Kingdom
An eager couple view a new house, unaware of the evil presence waiting for them inside.
Drama Ghost Horror Independent Mystery Short
Cured Cured, 2018, 8 min
Sebastian Roberts Sharon Spink Sebastian Roberts
Leeds, United Kingdom
A reluctant young girl fights for survival against a suicide pact, forced onto her family by a cult they joined.
Horror Independent Short
Deathdate Deathdate, 2018, 8 min
Nicole Jones-Dion Gregory Shelby, James Moorer, Nicole Jones-Dion James Moorer, Nicole Jones-Dion
Los Angeles, United States
Two strangers are brought together by a mysterious cell phone app that predicts when they will die.
Experimental Horror Science Fiction Supernatural Thriller
The Strangers: Prey at Night The Strangers: Prey at Night, 2018, 85 min
Johannes Roberts Ben Ketai, Bryan Bertino
A family of four staying at a secluded mobile home park for the night are stalked and then hunted by three masked psychopaths.
The White Hole The White Hole, 2018, 3 min
Ojas Kulkarni
Two humans are trapped.
Drama Experimental Fantasy Horror Independent Student