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Aparadhees Aparadhees, 2019, 16 min
Translation: Criminals
Vinay Kumar Vinay Kumar
Bengaluru, India
Fight bad guys
Action Crime Disaster Experimental Family Foreign Language
The Third Men The Third Men, 2019, 21 min
Muhil V Muhil V
Coimbatore, India
Chezhiyan, an introvert goes to prove his theories about simulation to an article writer but a glitch tries to stop him from doing so.
Action Animation Fantasy Mystery Science Fiction Thriller
Don't Let Go Don't Let Go, 2019, 107 min
Detective Jack Radcliff gets a shocking phone call from his recently murdered niece Ashley.
Rambo: Last Blood Rambo: Last Blood, 2019, 99 min
Adrian Grunberg
Vietnam War veteran John Rambo tries to find some semblance of peace by raising horses on a ranch in Arizona
Joker Joker, 2019, 122 min
Todd Phillips
Failed comedian Arthur Fleck encounters violent thugs while wandering the streets of Gotham City dressed as a clown.
Afterall Afterall, 2019, 34 min
Oloyede Modupeoreoluwa Oloyede Modupeoreoluwa
Ibadan, Nigeria
Mother daughter relationship
Action Drama Educational Family Romance Thriller
Ciao Bella Ciao Bella, 2019, 12 min
Marion Donnellier Marion Donnellier Marion Donnellier
london, United Kingdom
Cynical columnist goes undercover as a film extra
Action Art-house Black Comedy Comedy Drama Independent
Hardballer Hardballer, 2019, 10 min
Mika Tervonen Jani Nikander
Helsinki, Finland
Action comedy of a man, who can’t admit his doubts and fears about his impending marriage
Action Comedy
Unete a la revolucion Unete a la revolucion, 2019, 29 min
Translation: Join the revolution
Miguel Salinas Grace Amabile, Miguel Salinas Genevive Valentine
Mexico, Mexico
Sci fi social intrigue about society controlling the people and aone anarquits decided to end the society
Action Adaptation Adventure Black Comedy Drama Family
Logo Logo, 2019, 19 min
Chennai, International
An Inspector’s mind blowing and thought provoking punishment for Child abusers
Action Crime Legal Medical Thriller
Hell the return Hell the return, 2019, 5 min
Anaheim California 92801, United States
Action Independent Science Fiction
Le the au fond de la theiere Le the au fond de la theiere, 2019, 19 min
Translation: The tea at the bottom of the teapot
Marc-Olivier Louveau Eddy Matalon, Marc-Olivier Louveau
Paris, France
How to control his emotions ?
Action Asian Comedy Educational Foreign Language French
Resgate Resgate, 2019, 100 min
Translation: Redemption
Mickey Fonseca Antonio Forjaz
MAPUTO, Mozambique
Fresh out of prison, BRUNO embraces an honest life when an unexpected loan suddenly puts his family at risk.
Action Crime Drama Foreign Language Noir
Khel mandala Khel mandala, 2019, 10 min
Translation: Marathi
Sambhaji jadhav Sambhaji jadhav
Solapur, India
This film based on indian cast system
The Visiting Student The Visiting Student, 2019, 7 min
Enes Akdağ Enes Akdağ
İstanbul, Turkey
A corpse student visits his school
Action Children Short Student Teen Thriller
Kolla Kolla, 2019, 150 min
Thiruvananthapuram, India
Condition of trivandrum
Action Animation Drama Foreign Language Political Short
The Last Doppelganger The Last Doppelganger, 2019, 2 min
Ryan Kaye Ryan Kaye Ryan Kaye
Los Angeles, United States
A 1-Minute Movie
Action Adventure Comedy Science Fiction Short Thriller
ವೀಕ್ಷಕರ ಗಮನಕ್ಕೆ ವೀಕ್ಷಕರ ಗಮನಕ್ಕೆ, 2019, 20 min
Translation: Veekshakara Gamanakke
Pathal Prajwal, Quality Cinemas Pawan Production House
Bangalore, India
To create awareness among youth
Action Crime Drama Reality Short Thriller
Dark Phoenix Dark Phoenix, 2019, 120 min
Simon Kinberg
This is the story of one of the X-Men’s most beloved characters, Jean Grey, as she evolves into the iconic DARK PHOENIX.
Blood for my blood Blood for my blood, 2019, 2 min
Yordan Krushkov Ogy Stoilov, Vlad Ilich, Yordan Krushkov Vlad Ilich, Yordan Krushkov
Duel between two brothers
Action Adventure Fantasy Period