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Mondo-jeed Mondo-jeed, 2018, 116 min
Sandip Majumder Subhendu Dutta Subhendu Dutta
Kolkata, India
The result of War is same for all religion
Experimental Independent National Reality Religious
School of Ballet School of Ballet, 2018, 83 min
Translation: Un año de Danza
Cecilia Miljiker
Documetary about children studying at the Colon Theatre School of Ballet
Children Documentary Educational Reality Student
possABILITY possABILITY, 2018, 25 min
Abigail Clay Abigail Clay
London, International
A documentary about people with Down's Syndrome in employment
Documentary Educational Independent Reality
Flox Flox, 2018, 45 min
Translation: Volkswagen
Hady Mahmoud Hady Mahmoud Hady Mahmoud
Giza, Egypt
In The Deep Of Giza, Old volks cars from 60th & 70th still working as a transportation for people, creating really beautiful mess.
Documentary Drama Foreign Language Reality
Auratjaat Auratjaat, 2017, 17 min
Translation: The women's character
Women's Inside Character Revealed
Bollywood Comedy Drama Experimental Fantasy Reality
Varvanta Varvanta, 2017, 7 min
Translation: The Grinder
Sayli Mathadhikari Sayli Mathadhikari Sayli Mathadhikari
PUNE, India
Protecting the self esteem of women for ensuring their empowerment.
Asian Drama Family Foreign Language Reality Short
The Village’s Bid for UFO The Village’s Bid for UFO, 2017, 24 min
Takuro Kotaka Takuro Kotaka Takuro Kotaka
Tokyo, Japan
The movie, The Village’s Bid for UFO, is a fictional documentary that was made by replacing public works like nuclear power plants with UFOs.
Experimental Fantasy Independent Political Reality Short
Marji Marji, 2017, 10 min
Vighnesh Gouda
Siddapur, India
Our mind between wall.
Independent Reality Religious Silent
36 24 42 36 24 42, 2017, 58 min
vivek narang
PUNE, India
Story of 31/2 gals
Bollywood Drama Educational Music Video Musical Reality
Maji paulvat Maji paulvat, 2017, 120 min
Art-house Experimental Foreign Language Independent Reality Women
Blowing out someone's else candles doesn't make yours shine any brighter Blowing out someone's else candles do..., 2017, 108 min
Pilani, India
Havoc in a student's life after being ragged
Advertising Crime Reality Student
Referendum Referendum, 2017, 5 min
Hector Suñol
Day of the Catalonia Independence Referendum, 1-O, in Les Borges Blanques.
Documentary Historical Music Video Political Reality Short
Spacer Spacer, 2017, 9 min
Konrad Miklaszewski Konrad Miklaszewski
Krakow, Poland
One day of violonist’s life.
Drama Reality Short Student
Khaamosh Khaamosh, 2017, 17 min
Translation: A silent cry
Shahid Nazir Khan Shahid Nazir Khan
sargodha, Pakistan
Based on poverty and over population of pakistan
Children Family National Reality Silent Women
Sauda Sauda, 2017, 3 min
Translation: Deal
Digvijay Singh Oculis Deshbandhu Vijendra​ ​ Dudi
New Delhi, India
Social Film depicting selling of brides
Drama Experimental Independent Music Video Reality Short
Pratha Pratha, 2017, 6 min
Translation: Ritual
ahmedabad, India
Drama Reality Women
Akshar Akshar, 2017, 4 min
Translation: Words
Falak Goswami Vijay Kabra
Ahmedabad, India
Girl Education
Children Documentary Educational Reality Short Silent
Normal Normal, 2017, 15 min
Tony Chaslas Tony Chaslas Tony Chaslas
Paris, France
A superheroes fan has to choose if he wants to step up or step down as his life falling apart.
Comedy Drama French Reality Romance
You Should Be Mine You Should Be Mine, 2017, 10 min
Ricardo Noel Frutuoso Ricardo Noel Frutuoso
Bristol, London, United Kingdom
Daniel meets Bear69 online
Drama Gay and Lesbian Independent Reality Short Student
Copy Copy, 2017, 155 min
Hemant Dhabade
pune, India
This film has been made with the sole intention of highlighting the sorry state of affairs in the rural education sector. The film highlights the misery, suffering and sorrow of the poor and downtrodden families The parents continue to toil away with the