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Brishti tomakey dilam Brishti tomakey dilam, 2018, 120 min
Translation: For you... Brishti
Arnab Paul Ravi Shekhar Singh
Kolkata, International
Rain doesn't always mean love
Asian Drama Reality Romance Women
ঠিক অশ্বত্থ গাছটির পাশে ঠিক অশ্বত্থ গ..., 2018, 20 min
Translation: Beside the Peepal Tree
Abheek Chatterjee Blithe Creations Subham Talukdar
Chinsurah, India
Journey of a Girl's Dream
Children Drama Family Period Reality Romance
Maya Yathra Maya Yathra, 2018, 20 min
Translation: Mystic Journey
Jishnu Satheesh Nair
Kottayam, India
Story of lives through a journey, Based on true events.
Drama Family Reality
Silence of the doll Silence of the doll, 2018, 6 min
Saahil Shirwaikar Saahil Shirwaikar Saahil Shirwaikar
Mumbai, India
Sacrifices of a woman after she is married.
Drama Family Independent Reality Short Women
Dokhtaran zemestan Dokhtaran zemestan, 2018, 82 min
Translation: Daughters of winter
behzad khodaveisi behzad khodaveisi behzad khodaveisi
tehran, Iran
Drama Independent Medical Political Reality Women
LET US LIVe LET US LIVe, 2018, 5 min
Arun Kmar Sharma Arun Kmar Sharma Arun Kmar Sharma
Mumbai, India
This film shows that passive smoking effects
Reality Women
Looking Through The Bamboos Looking Through The Bamboos, 2018, 8 min
Mauraya Sharma
Gurugram, India
Meeting the Tribal jewelry makers of Dangs, India, to understand their craft, creativity and challenges.
Documentary Independent Reality Short Student
Mounam Mounam, 2018, 11 min
Translation: Silence
R. Premkumar
bangalore, India
A Deaf and dumb person hearing for the first time.
Documentary Drama Educational Experimental Reality Short
Inside me Inside me, 2018, 3 min
Ravi lokireddy Ganesh G
Visakhapatnam, India
This short film is about maintaining cleanliness of our surroundings and how to inspire others to take a oath for swacch Bharat mission
Asian Documentary Experimental National Political Reality
Pure slasher Pure slasher, 2018, 20 min
PEDRO LUCAS, Pedro Lucas Begines Pedro Lucas Begines Pedro Lucas Begines
Los Palacios y Villafranca, Spain
4 adolescentes y un asesino
Black Crime Erotic Horror Murder Mystery Reality
Pilgrims Pilgrims, 2018, 24 min
Jacob Daniel
Trivandrum, Idukki - Kerala, India
How mad people survive in society.
Asian Documentary Experimental Reality Short Travel
Forgotten Forgotten, 2018, 9 min
Debika Bora Debika Bora
Bongaigaon, India
Realisation of the importance of one's own mother language
Foreign Language Reality Student Teen
Teen Muhurat Teen Muhurat, 2018, 70 min
Translation: Three Auspicious Hours
Deyali Mukherjee Sriram Raja Deyali Mukherjee
Mumbai, India
Three women in three auspicious hours take an important decision of their life.
Asian Drama Reality Women
Iron Khan Iron Khan, 2018, 62 min
Naseer Khanday Suril Desai
Mumbai, India
Iron Khan is a journey through 7 years of a man’s life
Drama Political Reality
Tap Tap, 2018, 8 min
Jammu, India
TAP - The Saver
Not end Not end, 2018, 19 min
Ali Zarekar, Saeid Zohouri Ali Zarekar Ali Zarekar, Saeid Zohouri
Hamedan, Iran
Omid followed by lack of money and disagreements with his wife for diversity he has found the hallucinogenic substances
Black Drama Family Reality Romance Short
Elavasa Petrol Elavasa Petrol, 2018, 5 min
Translation: Free Petrol
Raasa Helsing Raasa Helsing Raasa Helsing
Bangalore, India
It's about 3 people going to the interview and what happens to them in the way and who got the job by doing what is the film about
Drama Independent Reality
Soang Soang, 2018, 9 min
Nihar Bhave Shantanu Bhave Nihar Bhave
pune, India
A Young Pothraj Boy trying to make a hard decision in a world full of contrast
Drama Experimental Reality Short
Enemy call Enemy call, 2018, 137 min
Emmanuel Mang eme Vanessa Esi
Lagos, Nigeria
Suspense filled
Action Black Reality Romance
ভঙা টেকেলীৰ পানী ভঙা টেকেলীৰ প..., 2018, 12 min
Translation: The allegory of life
Pranab Jyoti Mahanta Anannya Mahanta Anannya Mahanta
Guwahati,Assam, India
Importance of a mother's love for her daughter
Children Documentary Drama Reality Short Women