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Nameplate Nameplate, 2019, 114 min
Preet Sinh Amol Ghule, Santosh Bankhele
Pune, India
Mathur Family's Dream House
Asian Bollywood Drama Family
Dialog Dialog, 2019, 2 min
Souvik Chakraborty Souvik Chakraborty
Mumbai, India
Raw Music. no Instruments! Staright outta streets of Mumbai
Art-house Asian Bollywood Documentary Experimental Fantasy
The guilt The guilt, 2019, 1 min
Bollywood Documentary Drama Educational Independent Thriller
Gullak - The Money Pot Gullak - The Money Pot, 2019, 10 min
Aamir Qureshi
a poor man has to choice between his life and his child's future
Asian Bollywood Drama Family Short
All The Best All The Best, 2019, 19 min
Priyansh Lamba Priyansh Lamba Priyansh Lamba
New Delhi, India
Two roommates are bonding over their sweet but twisted love lives.
Bollywood Drama
Safar Har safar ki ek kahani hai Safar Har safar ki ek kahani hai, 2019, 3 min
Translation: TRIP . a story of every trip
Ratikant Kamila Ankkit Kumar Neleesh Misra
Mumbai, India
There is a story of every trip
Bollywood Drama Family Music Video Musical Reality
Maktub - It is Written Maktub - It is Written, 2019, 9 min
Translation: It is Written
Udaipur, India
Two Souls, One Love but Two Different Religions
Asian Bollywood Experimental
Thali Thali, 2019, 4 min
Swapnil Chavan Swapnil Chavan
Pune, India
Life is a boomerang what you give you get
Bollywood Drama Family
Karma Karma, 2019, 23 min
ankit bagde Kiran NGO
Bhopal, India
What you give you get, in life.
Bollywood Drama Experimental Ghost Horror Medical
Love Lust aur Dosti Love Lust aur Dosti, 2019, 19 min
Translation: Love Lust And Friendship
Anuraag Talpade Khaleeque Saiyed
Mumbai, India
friends reunion after 15 years.
Bollywood Mystery Short Thriller
Desi pundit Desi pundit, 2019, 2 min
dont know
agra, India
Sudama Pandey ki aakheri Saans Sudama Pandey ki aakheri Saans, 2019, 15 min
Translation: The last breath of Sudama Pandey
Rahul Pandey Rahul Pandey
An 88 years old man wants to answer his grandson "how his one VOTE would make a difference"
Art-house Asian Bollywood Drama Experimental Foreign Language
Zeher the Venom Zeher the Venom, 2019, 20 min
Tavrez Hasan Tavrez Hasan
Kolkata, India
The film is based on drugs and how the police takes over the crime
Action Bollywood Short
The Innocence The Innocence, 2019, 180 min
Ashraf Shishir Ashraf Shishir
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Everything is fair in love, war and cinema…
Action Art-house Asian Bollywood Comedy Crime
Subah ka Sapna Subah ka Sapna, 2018, 14 min
Translation: Morning Dream
Bhaskar Sanyal
Hooghly, India
Father entered in dream & many activities
Asian Black Comedy Bollywood Short
The Last Moment of Ceasefire The Last Moment of Ceasefire, 2018, 29 min
surya kant verma surya kant verma surya kant verma
mumbai, India
Older men declare war but it is the youth that must fight and die
Action Bollywood Drama National Short War
Time To Retaliate: Masoom Time To Retaliate: Masoom, 2018, 111 min
Mumbai, India
Film based on true incidents of child abuse
Bollywood Children Crime Drama Educational Family
Swapnarajyam Swapnarajyam, 2018, 159 min
Translation: Dreamland
Ranji Vijayan Vijayan Kariyath Veetil Ranji Vijayan
Kerala, India. England, UK, International
Krishnankutty chasing his reality for achieving his dream in London
Action Adventure Bollywood Comedy Drama Educational
Yamla Pagla Deewana Phir Se Yamla Pagla Deewana Phir Se, 2018, 145 min
Translation: Crazy mad lover
Navaniat Singh Bunty Rathore, Vankush Arora
third installment of the Yamla Pagla Deewana franchise
Bollywood Foreign Language
Ab Mujhe Udnaa Hai Ab Mujhe Udnaa Hai, 2018, 28 min
Translation: Let me soar high
Suujoy J. Mukerji Neelam Mukerji, Raj Grover, Supriya Mukerji, Suujoy J. Mu... Suujoy J. Mukerji
Mumbai, India
A physically and emotionally traumatized girl filled with guts, grit and glory dares to flap her wings again and soar high in the sky.
Asian Bollywood Drama Family Short Women