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Madhura Raja Madhura Raja, 2019, 147 min
Raja, the flamboyant don with a heart of gold
Foreign Language
Kanchana 3 Kanchana 3, 2019, 180 min
Raghava Lawrence
This story is about a man who is possessed by the Raaja Naagam, King Cobra.
Foreign Language
Manje Bistre 2 Manje Bistre 2, 2019, 125 min
The second installment in the Manje Bistre series
Foreign Language
Kalank Kalank, 2019, 170 min
Abhishek Verman
Long-buried secrets come to light when romance blossoms between a young daredevil and a beautiful woman in 1945 India.
Foreign Language
4 Wände 4 Wände, 2019, 36 min
Translation: 4 Walls
Anjorka Strechel Anjorka Strechel
Berlin, International
Hikikomori-Johanna answers with a gun, when the police knocks at her door.
Adaptation Drama Educational Foreign Language Independent
Pr♂stitute Pr♂stitute, 2019, 3 min
Arun Yoganathan Arun Yoganathan
Palakkad, India
Story about a Prostitute.
Drama Experimental Foreign Language Short Women
Happy As Lazzaro Happy As Lazzaro, 2019, 130 min
Alice Rohrwacher
2018 Italian drama film
Foreign Language
Rabb Da Radio 2 Rabb Da Radio 2, 2019, 130 min
Sharan Art
A newly married man returns home and is saddened to learn his extended family has split apart.
Foreign Language
Se Rokh Se Rokh, 2019, 101 min
Translation: 3 faces
Jafar Panahi
Actress Behnaz Jafari is distraught when she comes across a young girl's video plea for help after her family prevents her from taking up her studies at the Tehran drama conservatory.
Foreign Language
Junglee Junglee, 2019, 115 min
Chuck Russell
A military veteran comes home to his father's elephant reserve and has to fight an international poaching ring.
Foreign Language
Super Deluxe Super Deluxe, 2019, 176 min
Thiagarajan Kumararaja
An unfaithful wife, an estranged father and an angry boy must all face their demons on one fateful day.
Foreign Language
Pm Narendra Modi Pm Narendra Modi, 2019, 140 min
Omung Kumar
showcases Modi's remarkable courage, wisdom, patience and dedication to his peopl
Foreign Language
Lucifer Lucifer, 2019, 175 min
Prithviraj Sukumaran
A mad scramble for power ensues when the leader of a political party dies suddenly.
Foreign Language
Cale Szczescie Cale Szczescie, 2019, 108 min
Translation: Their Lucky Stars
Tomasz Konecki
charming summer-holiday-vibe story of love that appears in unexpected circumstances
Foreign Language Romance
Romeo Akbar Walter Romeo Akbar Walter, 2019, 150 min
Robby Grewal
a spy thriller that is set against the backdrop of the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971
Foreign Language
Godaam Godaam, 2019, 120 min
Translation: Godown
Akhil Singh, Akksar Allahabadi Akhil Singh Akksar Allahabadi
Allahabad, India
Save Farmers Save Grains to feed our next generation of this planet
Asian Drama Foreign Language Independent Reality Romance
Walk Walk, 2019, 19 min
Dusan Ivanovic Dusan Ivanovic
Belgrade, Serbia
First person movie about life and afterlife
Action Art-house Drama Fantasy Foreign Language
Guddiyan Patole Guddiyan Patole, 2019, 127 min
Two sisters travel to their mother's home in Punjab and become acquainted with their maternal grandmother.
Foreign Language
Kesari Kesari, 2019, 160 min
Anurag Singh
KESARI is based on the true story of one of the bravest battles that India ever fought
Foreign Language
Imago Imago, 2019, 97 min
Karan Chavan Vikas Dige Karan Chavan
kolhapur, India
a story of teenage girl who is on journey of beauty
Asian Children Drama Family Foreign Language Student