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The Literary Method of Urban Design The Literary Method of Urban Design, 2019, 16 min
Alan Marshall
Salaya, Nakhonpathum, Thailand
Designing the future using books from the past
Documentary Educational Fantasy Historical Period Science Fiction
The Walter's Son The Walter's Son, 2019, 13 min
Teresa Almeida
Peter wants to grow up as a writer and fulfil his duty as a man by signing up for WW2. However, his plans are changed by his overprotective parents.
Drama Family Historical Independent Period Short
ঠিক অশ্বত্থ গাছটির পাশে ঠিক অশ্বত্থ গ..., 2018, 20 min
Translation: Beside the Peepal Tree
Abheek Chatterjee Blithe Creations Subham Talukdar
Chinsurah, India
Journey of a Girl's Dream
Children Drama Family Period Reality Romance
Manjhi Manjhi, 2018, 90 min
Ray Hope
Romeo and Juliet seperate but later reunite.
Family Period
Pantor Pantor, 2018, 15 min
Translation: Trousers
Tahsin Ozmen Apo Bazidi, Tahsin Ozmen Tahsin Ozmen
Cizre, Turkey
If everyone is alike then there are no individuals.
Drama Family Historical Independent Period Reality
What We Do Is TOP SECRET What We Do Is TOP SECRET, 2018, 32 min
Radu Vlad Radu Vlad, Raymond Allen York, Rickon Wade, Tanya Kiliman... Radu Vlad
LOS ANGELES, International
A secret mission before D Day
Action Adventure Comedy Historical Independent Period
Date Night Date Night, 2018, 8 min
Howard Perry Howard Perry
London, United Kingdom
LaLa Land meets The Great Gatsby
Music Video Musical Period Romance
The Long Look Back The Long Look Back, 2018, 22 min
Corben Alley Corben Alley Corben Alley
Isabel, United States
A reformed outlaw searches for his old gang leader while pursued by a bounty hunter.
Drama Period Western
Dreams of Vietnam Dreams of Vietnam, 2018, 90 min
Gabriel Priddy Gabriel Priddy
An exploration of being.
Action Drama Period War
Junoon - Once Upon A Time In Calcutta Junoon - Once Upon A Time In Calcutta, 2017, 139 min
Kolkata, India
Nandini's fight against Communist leader Indarneel Majumdaar.
Action Bollywood Crime Drama Period Political
Houdor Jiyori Houdor Jiyori, 2017, 18 min
Translation: Merchant's Daughter
Keya Dutta Keya Dutta Keya Dutta
Guwahati, India
Love and betrayal of two classes of people in the period of British Colonial period of Assam.
Drama Period Romance Short Thriller
Man in the Chair Man in the Chair, 2017, 20 min
James Walker, Sam Ebner-Landy Beth Farrell, Beth Hannon Tom Mackintosh
Cheshire, United Kingdom
A moving short film that focuses on the internal world and psychological turmoil of an elderly man living alone in the final days of the First World War.
Drama Experimental Ghost Historical Period
Brixton Rock Brixton Rock, 2017, 12 min
Ethosheia Hylton Zoe Sailsman-Asghar Ethosheia Hylton
London, United Kingdom
"I'm Brenton...I'm your son". After 18 years, that intro was always gonna come with explosions.
Drama Historical Independent Period Romance
Hazel Hazel, 2017, 8 min
Adebayo Olasunkami Charlotte Sayers, Signý Jóhannesdóttir Bryony Black
A widow's realisation of her own fading delusion finally lifts so that she can finally accept his death.
Ghost Period Romance Short War
Gristle's Peak Gristle's Peak, 2017, 61 min
Brett Harrison Brett Harrison Brett Harrison
Bamfield, Canada
Pirate film
Black Comedy Drama Erotic Independent Period
Un Figlio Un Figlio, 2017, 28 min
Translation: A Son
Patrick DeVita-Dillon Jenna Nash, Patrick DeVita-Dillon Patrick DeVita-Dillon, Sean Dillon
An aging peasant woman's ordeal
Art-house Drama Foreign Language Period Religious Short
Just Desserts Just Desserts, 2017, 5 min
Liam Banks Sarah Wynne Kordas Sarah Wynne Kordas
A hapless waiter finds himself in the middle of a courting couple and a demanding customer, trying to keep everyone happy.
Comedy Independent Period Short Silent
Blakemere Blakemere, 2017, 25 min
Philip Kempson Philip Kempson Steven K Beattie
Leek Moorlands, North Staffordshire, United Kingdom
Joshua accuses Laura of being a witch.
Drama Historical Independent Period
Rose Rose, 2016, 11 min
David Knight Sam Berrido Chris Brown
London, United Kingdom
A poem about love and loss in London after the war.
Drama Independent Period Short War Women
Mischievous Mischievous, 2016, 30 min
Prashant Rana Prashant Rana
Mumbai, India
After India gets freedom, the characters realize that the freedom is not for everyone.
Art-house Drama Musical Period Romance Thriller