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Theyyam - Dance Of Gods Theyyam - Dance Of Gods, 2018, 4 min
Gnanendra Shamaiah Gnanendra Shamaiah
Hyderabad, India
Theyyam is a mélange of dance, drama, music and mime. Though it has become a tribal festivity, the subject of performance is the glory of divine heroes and celestial spirits
Asian Documentary Musical Religious Short Travel
સાવિત્રી - એક સંગીતમય શોર્ટ ફિલ્મ સાવિત્રી - એક સ..., 2018, 11 min
Translation: Saavitri - A Musical
Ahmedabad, India
Saavitri is a story of love, valour, sacrifice and devotion.
Action Adaptation Drama Music Video Musical Religious
End of Victory In Life End of Victory In Life, 2018, 6 min
Mustafa Ali Rather Mustafa Ali Rather Mustafa Ali Rather
If you do have to see the result of it....
Crime Educational Reality Religious Teen Women
Viva Kino Viva Kino, 2018, 61 min
Lia Beltrami Andrea Morghen
Riding through the missions founded by a Jesuit in the 17th century, Maria, a young rodeo instructor, discovers the origins of the devotion towards father Kino spread in the whole of Mexico and US.
Documentary Historical Independent Political Religious Travel
Mondo-jeed Mondo-jeed, 2018, 116 min
Sandip Majumder Subhendu Dutta Subhendu Dutta
Kolkata, India
The result of War is same for all religion
Experimental Independent National Reality Religious
Christmas in the yard Christmas in the yard, 2018, 3 min
Hamed Heidari Hamed Heidari
Isfahan, Iran
New year ceremonies in the church
Documentary Experimental Independent Religious
Legacy of king narak Legacy of king narak, 2017, 27 min
Dr Satyakam Phukan Dr Satyakam Phukan
Guwahati, Assam, India
About the heritage of the Assamese people beginning with the legend of King Narak, considered founding monarch of Kamrup kingdom, which was the older name of Assam
Asian Documentary Educational Historical Independent Religious
Mother's Gurdwara Mother's Gurdwara, 2017, 17 min
Dr Satyakam Phukan Dr Satyakam Phukan
About a Gurdwara, Sikh place of worship, in Assam and the Assamese Sikh community
Asian Documentary Historical Independent Reality Religious
Marji Marji, 2017, 10 min
Vighnesh Gouda
Siddapur, India
Our mind between wall.
Independent Reality Religious Silent
The Dream The Dream, 2017, 15 min
Richard Grahn Richard Grahn Richard Grahn
A man believes he can carry the same cross that Jesus carried until God gives him a dream that changes his life forever
Chronicles of Religious Persecution in China - The Church of Almighty God Chronicles of Religious Persecution i..., 2017, 60 min
Jason Jia Timothy Yang
This documentary faithfully and objectively reproduces the persecution suffered by Chinese Christians at the hands of the CCP government, and focuses on describing the real experiences of two Christians who were persecuted to death by the CCP because of t
Asian Documentary Experimental Foreign Language Historical Religious
Chronicles of Religious Persecution in China Chronicles of Religious Persecution i..., 2017, 59 min
Jason Jia, Timothy Yang Timothy Yang
Seoul, Korea
This is a documentary about the Chinese Communist government’s flagrant encroachment of the religious freedom and human rights of Chinese Christians.
Asian Documentary Experimental Religious
Chand gereh doortar Chand gereh doortar, 2017, 15 min
Translation: A few knots away
Mansour Forouzesh Mansour Forouzesh
Tehran, Iran
The people who lives on an island leaves there because of the situation that became worse recently even they are taking body of their relatives to the port near the island. This island is in the middle of political struggle.
Drama Experimental Independent Political Reality Religious
Vasa Vasa Vasa Vasa, 2017, 12 min
Alessia Scarso Alessia Scarso Alessia Scarso
Modica, Italy
The Holy Week in Modica
Documentary Historical Independent Religious Short Women
Disconnect Disconnect, 2017, 15 min
Oisin Byrne Charles Meunier
A short film about a young Moroccan woman's struggle to get a divorce from her husband through a Sharia law court in East London.
Drama Religious Romance Short Student Women
Identity of life Identity of life, 2017, 3 min
Numaan rana Numaan rana
chak jhumra distt ,Faisalabad, Pakistan
The Fallen: The Curse of Adam and Eve The Fallen: The Curse of Adam and Eve, 2017, 3 min
Gabriel Tyner Gabriel Tyner Gabriel Tyner
Fort Lauderdale, United States
Rebellion can be horrific.
Drama Educational Horror Religious Romance Short
Un Figlio Un Figlio, 2017, 28 min
Translation: A Son
Patrick DeVita-Dillon Jenna Nash, Patrick DeVita-Dillon Patrick DeVita-Dillon, Sean Dillon
An aging peasant woman's ordeal
Art-house Drama Foreign Language Period Religious Short
Messiah CIA: The Beginning Messiah CIA: The Beginning, 2017, 1 min
James Clothier James Clothier James Clothier
Cambridge, Canada
A dark and dingy magic trick crossed full of occult imagery.
Art-house Documentary Mystery Reality Religious
Krishna's waiting room Krishna's waiting room, 2017, 54 min
Kavita Bahl Rajiv Mehrotra
Vrindavan, India
Widows in India
Asian Documentary Religious Women