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Como ficamos da mesma altura Como ficamos da mesma altura, 2019, 17 min
Translation: Sometimes we're the same height
Laís Santos Araújo Pethrus Tibúrcio
Anadia, Alagoas, Brazil
Father and daughter weird "reconciliation".
Drama Family Foreign Language Independent Short Teen
Seventeen Seventeen, 2019, 7 min
Soham Vinayak Kadam Soham Vinayak Kadam Soham Vinayak Kadam
Mumbai, India
Based on teenage pregnancy
Drama Experimental Independent Student Teen
Stone Stone, 2019, 3 min
Fanny Forsdik afpitch AB Anton Forsdik
Stockholm, Sweden
In love or just, a way to satisfy his ego.
Comedy Drama Teen
حتي تكتمل الصورة حتي تكتمل الصورة, 2019, 13 min
Translation: Painting the Lily
May Maraashly May Maraashly
Cairo and Alexandria, Egypt
A film on resilience and acceptance of the past
Drama Independent Short Student Teen Thriller
De quoi rêvent les libellules ? De quoi rêvent les libellules ?, 2019, 17 min
Translation: What do dragonflies dream of?
Guillaume Massart Guillaume Massart
Paris' suburbs, France
A coming of age story told as a dream.
Children Documentary Experimental French Teen
Mukti Mukti, 2019, 15 min
Translation: Salvation
Shahnshah Gupta Akansha Gupta, Preeti Ali
Raipur, India
journey of faith of a beggar
Drama Family Independent Reality Teen Women
Queue Queue, 2019, 5 min
Ami Ferreira Dan Eycott, Syd Heather Ami Ferreira
Brighton, United Kingdom
Super fans Brie and Woody are queuing for a gig but they both quickly realise they haven't listened to the new album and must find a way to do so before being labelled fake fans or losing their place in the queue.
Art-house Comedy Drama Independent Short Teen
Worldlines II Worldlines II, 2019, 15 min
Karlos Alastruey Karlos Alastruey
Pamplona, Spain
Every turning point in your life has a deadline
Mystery Teen Thriller
Baluchari: The Lost Anchal Baluchari: The Lost Anchal, 2018, 12 min
Rahul Mukherjee
Kolkata, India
Revival of the Finest silk of India
Documentary Family National Natural History Reality Teen
Ghumakkad Ghumakkad, 2018, 28 min
Translation: The Wanderer
Shahnshah Gupta Shahnshah Gupta Shahnshah Gupta
It's a story of a indian village, includes there culture and ways they live their life. It shows that sometimes even being close to people we do not know how they are fulfilling their responsibility. A person who is considered irresponsible , it's not alw
Children Drama Family Independent Teen
Forgotten Forgotten, 2018, 9 min
Debika Bora Debika Bora
Bongaigaon, India
Realisation of the importance of one's own mother language
Foreign Language Reality Student Teen
বিচ্ছিন্ন চোরাবালি বিচ্ছিন্ন চোরাবালি, 2018, 18 min
Translation: The separation in quicksand
Last moments of a relationship
Drama Independent Short Student Teen
Grahak Grahak, 2018, 18 min
Translation: Customer
vipan malawat supva supva vipan malawat
phagwara, India
its about a prostitute's journey
Action Adventure Drama Musical Short Teen
The Roses The Roses, 2018, 100 min
Mohammad Saeedi
Tehran, Iran
social comedy
Black Comedy Short Silent Teen Women
Supported Supported, 2018, 33 min
Giselle Turner
Bishop's Stortford, United Kingdom
Only those who have suffered know suffering.
Documentary Drama Reality Short Teen Women
More Than Stardust More Than Stardust, 2018, 10 min
Dakota Wollmer Dakota Wollmer Dakota Wollmer
When "falling stars" isn't just a metaphor
Drama Fantasy Independent Science Fiction Supernatural Teen
Scarred lives Scarred lives, 2018, 60 min
Dan Trew Allan Thurbon
High Wycombe, United Kingdom
A young school girl is cyber bullied by two older pupils.
Children Educational Reality Short Teen
End of Victory In Life End of Victory In Life, 2018, 6 min
Mustafa Ali Rather Mustafa Ali Rather Mustafa Ali Rather
If you do have to see the result of it....
Crime Educational Reality Religious Teen Women
Seguir siendo yo Seguir siendo yo, 2018, 9 min
Translation: Still being me
Karlos Alastruey Karlos Alastruey
Navarra, International
Selneda invented her own name. Now she wants to invent her own future.
Drama Experimental Teen Women
Quest for Mihte lugh Quest for Mihte lugh, 2018, 116 min
L Raymond Whittinger L Raymond Whittinger
The changeling heir to the fairy kingdom returns home, while Balor, his enemy is trying to eliminate it.
Action Adventure Children Family Fantasy Teen