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Domestic dialogues Domestic dialogues, 2019, 75 min
Gokul Raj, Vaishnav H Gokul Raj
Kozhikode, India
DOMESTIC DIALOGUES a story happening inside a home
Art-house Black Comedy Independent Political Reality
Redacted Redacted, 2019, 10 min
Harry Maidiotis Ivan Taranaga Harry Maidiotis
Sydney, Australia
A young woman looks for meaning in a world filled with conformity and control
Drama Political Science Fiction
Seine toxique Seine toxique, 2019, 6 min
Translation: Toxic River
Mark Norfolk Mark Norfolk
Paris, France
An experimental film exploring conservation
Art-house Documentary Experimental Foreign Language Independent Political
A girl from Parsian A girl from Parsian, 2019, 20 min
Parinaz Hashemi Mobarakeh
Believe in yourself, go after your dreams, and don't let anyone put you in a box.
Documentary Political Sport Women
Once upon a time in Swiss club Once upon a time in Swiss club, 2019, 97 min
Mohsen Abdelghany, mohsen Abdelghany Mohamed mohsen Abdelghany Mohamed
Cairo, Egypt
In an attempt to bring to light the international violation of the secret meeting.
Crime Documentary Political
The Mango Tree The Mango Tree, 2019, 7 min
B.G.Manoj Jayasundara, Manoj Jayasundara Manoj Jayasundara
Galle, Sri Lanka
Inconvenience of having harvest of some people
Drama Political
Kolla Kolla, 2019, 150 min
Thiruvananthapuram, India
Condition of trivandrum
Action Animation Drama Foreign Language Political Short
Tsar Cannon or Cannon of Tsars? Tsar Cannon or Cannon of Tsars?, 2019, 5 min
Vladimir Morozov Olga Nemshilova
What is hidden inside of the Tsar Cannon in the Moscow Kremlin?
Documentary Experimental Historical Political Short War
Iti Shadhinota... Iti Shadhinota..., 2019, 29 min
Translation: Regards Independence
Dibyadoot Roy Chowdhury
Kolkata, India
Naxal movement v/s Present society
Drama Experimental Period Political
Sawah Sawah, 2019, 86 min
Adolf El Assal Adolf El Assal Adolf El Assal
Luxembourg, Luxembourg
An Egyptian DJ stuck in Luxembourg
Black Comedy Drama Foreign Language French Political
The Eraser The Eraser, 2019, 14 min
Suprokash Hazra Suprokash Hazra
Bhopal, India
A philosophical, drama film connecting the significance of “Mumbra Building Collapse, 2013”.
Drama Fantasy Independent Mystery National Political
A discourse in darkness A discourse in darkness, 2019, 14 min
kochi, India
A man gets into a dark place where he meets a stranger who was there already
Asian Drama Experimental Independent Mystery Political
Alive Alive, 2019, 5 min
Abdolreza Salimi Abdolreza Salimi Abdolreza Salimi
zanjan, Iran
A man wants to fold two flags but, his struggle turns into a fight.
Drama Experimental Fantasy Independent Political Science Fiction
Khamoshi Khamoshi, 2019, 14 min
Translation: Silence
Narottam Kumar Narottam Kumar Narottam Kumar
Mumbai, India
True detective in short Film format
Crime Drama Mystery Political Short Thriller
Run Hermes Run Hermes, 2019, 7 min
Kevin Short Kevin Short Kevin Short
Largo, Florida, International
The Doomsday Clock is one minute to midnight, when Hermes begins his run for freedom and survival.
Black Comedy Disaster Fantasy Political Short War
Who moved my Penguin? Who moved my Penguin?, 2019, 2 min
Adam Oliver Adam Oliver Adam Oliver
A story about seeking refuge in a world with both cruelty and kindness.
Animation Children Comedy Family Independent Political
#tbb4 #tbb4, 2018, 8 min
Angela Forrest Angela Forrest Angela Forrest
North Carolina, United States
Experimental short chronicling the rise of the LGBTQ civil rights group #TBB4.
Drama Experimental Gay and Lesbian Independent Political Short
Nëntori i ftohtë Nëntori i ftohtë, 2018, 94 min
Translation: Cold November
Ismet Sijarina
Pristina, Albania
Shot in 4:3 aspect ratio Cold November is a film that truthfully tells the story of national trauma from the perspective of person next door.
Art-house Drama Family Foreign Language Musical Political
Grecia en el aire Grecia en el aire, 2018, 113 min
Translation: Greece in the air
Pedro Olalla Pedro Olalla Pedro Olalla
Athens, International
Deontology of democracy, seen from the ancient and current Athens
Documentary Experimental Historical Political
Somvaar Somvaar, 2018, 13 min
Translation: Monday
Sandeep sabharwal SUBHASH Sabharwal
Chandigarh, India
A girl want higer study in male dominate society
Art-house Children Drama Educational Family Political