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StyxCrow StyxCrow, 2019, 29 min
Manuel Samoqueira Manuel Samoqueira Manuel Samoqueira
Paris, France
A post trauma journey into darkness
Independent Mystery Romance Thriller
Fragments Fragments, 2019, 19 min
Lee Brown Lee Brown
Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom
Did he murder her? Did he murder anyone? Is this real? What is reality?
Horror Murder Mystery Mystery Thriller
Primitive Primitive, 2019, 12 min
pesmes, France
Quest of the primitive spirit
Experimental Mystery Supernatural
Judgementall Hai Kya Judgementall Hai Kya, 2019, 122 min
Prakash Kovelamudi
Following the story of two individuals whose lives pivot between reality and illusions.
Predatavljanje Knjigoljuba Predatavljanje Knjigoljuba, 2019, 17 min
Translation: Introducing librophileas
Osijek, International
Animation Children Comedy Educational Fantasy Mystery
Ambiguity Ambiguity, 2019, 2 min
Sajan NR, Sajan Ramanandan Sajan NR Sajan NR
Guruthipala, India
Rain, Night and an ambiguous tale
Crime Drama Experimental Mystery Noir Reality
Web Warriors Web Warriors, 2019, 26 min
Shayhaq Baloch Shayhaq Baloch
Karachi, Pakistan
The story of Web war going on
Drama Mystery Thriller
Varnam Varnam, 2019, 16 min
Translation: Colors
Mohammad Akram Mohammad Akram
Ajmal investigates Karthik about 2 friends death
Crime Drama Horror Mystery Short Student
Savages Savages, 2019, 26 min
Vishal Pawar Vishal Pawar
Indore, India
Crime Drama
Crime Drama Murder Mystery Mystery Short
After Hours After Hours, 2019, 22 min
Matt Hudson Matt Hudson Matt Hudson
London, United Kingdom
Radio talk show host Jack Miller works the graveyard shift after midnight, leading to strange and surreal encounters, in London's night life.
Black Comedy Drama Mystery TV
Last came uninvited Last came uninvited, 2019, 6 min
Kovid mittal Sk mittal M
Bangalore, India
A young man helps a lost woman on highway and it was his biggest mistake
Ghost Horror Independent Mystery Supernatural Thriller
The Web The Web, 2019, 32 min
Thomas Dejaegher
Belleville, Canada
A couple find themselves trapped on an endless road and must confront their past to escape
Ghost Horror Independent Mystery Student Supernatural
Les invisibles Les invisibles, 2019, 101 min
Translation: The Invisibles
David Lezeau, Fabrice Rendé David Lezeau, Fabrice Rendé David Lezeau, Fabrice Rendé
Paris, France
Drama French Independent Mystery Noir Supernatural
Lunch Time Lunch Time, 2019, 15 min
Alireza Ghasemi
Tehran, Iran
A 16 year old girl has come to the hospital to identify the body of her mother. The people in charge at the hospital - due to her young age - won't let her into the morgue.
Drama Mystery
The Eraser The Eraser, 2019, 14 min
Suprokash Hazra Suprokash Hazra
Bhopal, India
A philosophical, drama film connecting the significance of “Mumbra Building Collapse, 2013”.
Drama Fantasy Independent Mystery National Political
Loop it's not end it's beginning Loop it's not end it's beginning, 2019, 5 min
Akash nitinchandra Akash nitinchandra Akash nitinchandra
Pune, India
Psycho thriller
Crime Horror Murder Mystery Mystery Short
Loop Loop, 2019, 5 min
Akash nitinchandra Akash nitinchandra Akash nitinchandra
Pune, India
The psycho thriller shortfilm
Crime Experimental Independent Murder Mystery Mystery Short
Love Lust aur Dosti Love Lust aur Dosti, 2019, 19 min
Translation: Love Lust And Friendship
Anuraag Talpade Khaleeque Saiyed
Mumbai, India
friends reunion after 15 years.
Bollywood Mystery Short Thriller
A discourse in darkness A discourse in darkness, 2019, 14 min
kochi, India
A man gets into a dark place where he meets a stranger who was there already
Asian Drama Experimental Independent Mystery Political
The era of 1962 The era of 1962, 2019, 13 min
Sandip Pratihar Kaustav Chakraboarty Sandip Pratihar
kolkata, India
A renowned filmmaker trying to make a film which has a strong story but producer demands are not quite eligible
Drama Fantasy Mystery