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Among Thieves Among Thieves, 2019, 15 min
Karys Palmer-Thompson, RJ Thompson Karys Palmer-Thompson
London, United Kingdom
There is no honor among thieves
Black Crime Family Gangster Independent Murder Mystery
Have Shu? Have Shu?, 2019, 111 min
Ankit Patel Ankit Patel Ankit Patel
Ahmadabad, India
Comedy Murder Mystery
A deadly client A deadly client, 2018, 7 min
Sundar Selvaraj
Cuddalore, India
About murder mistory
Murder Mystery
辛灵 辛灵, 2018, 14 min
Translation: The Inside
Malcolm Tan Pauline Sun Malcolm Tan
Shanghai, China
Is it Dissociative Identity Disorder or spiritual possession?
Asian Gay and Lesbian Ghost Horror Murder Mystery Mystery
S06.3 S06.3, 2018, 30 min
Chitradurga, India
The project is a fiction which shows the undiscovered or unexplored abnormal psychological deviation that runs along a suspense thriller plot
Action Crime Drama Medical Murder Mystery Science Fiction
Pure slasher Pure slasher, 2018, 20 min
PEDRO LUCAS, Pedro Lucas Begines Pedro Lucas Begines Pedro Lucas Begines
Los Palacios y Villafranca, Spain
4 adolescentes y un asesino
Black Crime Erotic Horror Murder Mystery Reality
(s)ertruem (s)ertruem, 2018, 10 min
Tony Chaslas Tony Chaslas Tony Chaslas
The truth behind what you see
Drama Family French Murder Mystery Short Women
Predicadores Predicadores, 2018, 15 min
Translation: Preachers
Axel Franks Axel Franks Axel Franks
Buenos Aires, Argentina
A Thriller in the middle of the woods
Action Crime Foreign Language Gangster Murder Mystery Mystery
Varnamaya Varnamaya, 2018, 133 min
Translation: Colorfull
Ravindra Venshi Ravindra Venshi
bangalore, India
horror supsence thriller
Action Crime Horror Murder Mystery Mystery Supernatural
Palsy Palsy, 2018, 9 min
S.S.S Kalyan
Vijayawada, India
A Neo-Noir Fictional Film
Crime Experimental Murder Mystery Noir Thriller
Contact inconnu Contact inconnu, 2018, 15 min
Translation: Unknown contact
Silk Bistini Isabelle Doll
Paris, France
The fear of the Unknown
Crime Drama French Murder Mystery Noir Thriller
Psychomanteum Psychomanteum, 2018, 125 min
Ray Brady Anne Nauth-Misir Ray Brady
London, United Kingdom
A portmanteau psychological feature film
Comedy Drama Fantasy Horror Murder Mystery Science Fiction
Tavaarod Tavaarod, 2018, 12 min
Translation: By rote
Vahid Raboudan Vahid Raboudan Vahid Raboudan
Chamestan, Iran
A young teacher confessions story...
Children Crime Drama Foreign Language Independent Murder Mystery
The Broken Key The Broken Key, 2017, 120 min
Louis Nero As Chianese, Giancarlo Guerreri, Louis Nero
The secret for eternal life on earth
Adventure Drama Murder Mystery Mystery
Dark Ditties Presents 'The Offer' Dark Ditties Presents 'The Offer', 2017, 48 min
Gary Smart Gary Smart Gary Smart
Lincolnshire, United Kingdom
Seven Strangers and an Offer too good to be true...
Black Comedy Comedy Horror Murder Mystery Thriller TV
Mind Games Mind Games, 2017, 104 min
Charles Mawungwa Charles Mawungwa, Thandiwe Mawungwa Charles Mawungwa
Harare, Zimbabwe
A man tortured by guilt meets a psychopathic killer who forces him to revisit and conquer his personal demons in order to save his only daughter and survive the day
Action Crime Drama Independent Murder Mystery Mystery
Child Abuse Child Abuse, 2017, 4 min
Richard Nsiah Richard Nsiah
Kumasi, Ghana
Child Labour
Educational Murder Mystery Reality Short
Clue Clue, 2017, 6 min
R.k Logeshwaran R.k Logeshwaran
Chennai, India
A killer, tries to recover his clue from the murder site.
Murder Mystery Noir Student
Crime ii Crime ii, 2017, 13 min
Gauraangi Chopra Gauraangi Chopra Gauraangi Chopra
singapore, Singapore
A mentally disturbed young girl identifies her mother's murderer.
Crime Drama Murder Mystery Mystery Short Thriller
Lack Of Empathy Lack Of Empathy, 2017, 8 min
Adil Burak Aydın
Istanbul, Turkey
A murderer tries to hide a body.
Action Murder Mystery Short Thriller