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Articulate Articulate, 2018, 100 min
Ray Brady Anne Nauth-Misir
London, United Kingdom
Teenagers talk about the "Big" words of life.
Art-house Documentary Experimental
Albert The uncertainity of human mind Albert The uncertainity of human mind, 2018, 75 min
Vishvajeet Oberoi Vishvajeet Oberoi Vishvajeet Oberoi
New Delhi, India
a Young writer's journey
Art-house Drama Western
In No One's Name but My Own In No One's Name but My Own, 2018, 15 min
Adam Brummitt Adam Brummitt, Khnemu Menu-Ra Adam Brummitt
London, United Kingdom
A disillusioned expatriot makes a grand gesture of protest and mourning to the country of his birth...
Art-house Drama Experimental Political Short
Susurrar es nada Susurrar es nada, 2017, 13 min
Translation: Whispering is Nothing
Derekk Ross Derekk Ross
Bath, United Kingdom
Bilingual (Spanish-English ) b/w film of Leontes/Camillo encounter in Shakespeare's 'The Winter's Tale'
Art-house Drama Experimental Foreign Language Independent Short
For The Time Being For The Time Being, 2017, 44 min
Daniela Lucato Daniela Lucato Daniela Lucato
Berlin, Germany
Roman deals with alcohol and economical problems.The meeting with Mel will make him wonder about who he his and what he would like to change in his life.
Art-house Drama Foreign Language Gay and Lesbian Short
My Turtle Dove My Turtle Dove, 2017, 7 min
Jay Stephen, Ralph Briscoe Jay Stephen, Ralph Briscoe Ashica Stephen, Jay Stephen, Ralph Briscoe
London, United Kingdom
A patriotic film celebrating diversity and tolerance in modern day Britain.
Art-house Documentary Gay and Lesbian Romance Short
Grenade 2017 Grenade 2017, 2017, 65 min
LIVERPOOL, United Kingdom
A sociopathic army veteran kidnaps his identical twin brother and holds him captive as revenge for sleeping with his wife.
Action Art-house Drama Independent Noir Silent
Naza Ka Aalam Naza Ka Aalam, 2017, 14 min
Translation: At the end Moment
Subhash Maskara Subhash Maskara
Noida, India
At life revolves around at the end of it.
Art-house Asian Bollywood Children Drama Experimental
Maji paulvat Maji paulvat, 2017, 120 min
Art-house Experimental Foreign Language Independent Reality Women
A reel life A reel life, 2017, 72 min
Jim Nilsson, Kevin Short K4K Films Kevin Short
Bognor Regis, International
A film about a man who lives his real life on film.
Art-house Black Comedy Drama Independent Mystery
Life Life, 2017, 1 min
Life and luck
Art-house Drama
Human Flow Human Flow, 2017, 140 min
Ai Weiwei
Who would have guessed the Chinese artist Ai Weiwei would pick up where moguls such as Sam Spiegel left off.
Mother, I Am Joseph Mother, I Am Joseph, 2017, 70 min
Mohammad Reza Fartousi Mohammad Reza Fartousi
Joseph ran away from Saddam's agents because he didn't want to fight in Iraq Iran war. Nobody has any news of him for 21 years. All this time he hid himself in a hole , After the Allies invade Iraq, some news is heard about Joseph.All this time he hid him
Art-house Asian Independent War Women
Ww(doubleyou) Ww(doubleyou), 2017, 7 min
Som Cunningham
London, International
Video For Scene 8 From The Film
Animation Art-house Drama Erotic Experimental Fantasy
Belgiac Belgiac, 2017, 13 min
Eva Depoorter Eva Depoorter
New York, United States
In a foreign city with an unknown future, Charlie decides to go back to what she knows best: home.
Art-house Drama Experimental Independent Short Student
Eli Eli Lama Sabachthani? Eli Eli Lama Sabachthani?, 2017, 81 min
Translation: The Forsaken
Jiju Antony Kazhcha Film Forum
Mumbai, India
Life story of a Rape & Murder convict from Grave to Childhood
Art-house Asian Drama Experimental Independent
Four Play : Blue, Table, Water, Cello Four Play : Blue, Table, Water, Cello, 2017, 5 min
Sarah Kershaw
Isle of Wight, International
The first of a series of films by amatory artist, musician and filmmaker Sarah Kershaw for her blog 'PLAY ON'. To collaborate with her followers she asked them to send in four suggestions; a colour, an object, a piece of furniture and a s
Art-house Erotic Experimental Independent Short Women
Nihelious Nihelious, 2017, 10 min
Yuri Yefanov Yuri Yefanov
Kyiv, Ukraine
Contemporary nihilist likes kitschy
Animation Art-house Experimental Independent
Bhent Bhent, 2017, 84 min
Translation: A meeting
Ashish Mishra Ashish Mishra Ashish Mishra
Mumbai, India
A 24 hour meeting of ex couple after 4 years of their separation.
Art-house Drama Independent Romance
Ananya Ananya, 2017, 97 min
Translation: Unparalleled
Arup Manna Arup Manna, Nabomika BORTHAKUR
Nagaon, Assam, India
The mind of human being is not static. It's moves one place to another place
Art-house Asian Drama Experimental Foreign Language Independent