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Another Chance Another Chance, 2019, 63 min
Jonathan Nelson Jonathan Nelson Jonathan Nelson
DALLAS, United States
God Never Makes Mistakes
Black Drama Family Independent Reality
Brady's Lot Brady's Lot, 2016, 11 min
Eric Hanson Eric Hanson, Vance Sparks Eric Hanson
Dallas, United States
Brady, a simple and happy janitor receives a lottery ticket on his birthday.
Black Comedy Comedy Drama
Words of the Damned Words of the Damned, 2014, 52 min
Kurtz Frausun Lisa Davis Kurtz Frausun
Dallas, United States
Fantasy love story for the dead
Experimental Fantasy Independent
The Tribe of Misfits The Tribe of Misfits, 2013, 98 min
Brent Duncan Jenna Burris, Marc Donato Brent Duncan
Dallas, United States
A teen with telekinesis forms a hippy commune with his friends. His powers are unleashed when a gang of criminals try to rob them.
Peacock Peacock, 2013, 58 min
Kurtz Frausun
Dallas, United States
Searching for your Muse in a world of Madness
Art-house Experimental Fantasy Music Video Religious Silent
Being Human Being Human, 2008, 60 min
dallas, Ethiopia
5th and Vine 5th and Vine, 2008, 30 min
Dallas, Ethiopia
Small town journalist fall in love
Seventy-8 Seventy-8, 2005, 112 min
Dallas, Ethiopia
A small town fears the return of man rumored to have murdered a young girl.
Art-house Drama Experimental
Shtickmen Shtickmen, 2005, 86 min
Dallas, United States
Mockumentary about stand-up comedy.