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The Vampyre The Vampyre, 2019, 90 min
Rowan Ashe Rowan Ashe Rowan Ashe
London, United Kingdom
A young Englishman and his sister fall prey to a dark and malevolent force.
Action Adventure Horror
Endless Endless, 2019, 180 min
London, International
Hope is a horizon.
Action Adventure Disaster Drama Family TV
possABILITY possABILITY, 2018, 25 min
Abigail Clay Abigail Clay
London, International
A documentary about people with Down's Syndrome in employment
Documentary Educational Independent Reality
Hate Story IV Hate Story IV, 2018, 120 min
Vishal Pandya
London, United Kingdom
Hate Story 4 is a Hindi language film directed by Vishal Pandya. It stars Urvashi Rautela. This is the fourth installment of Hate Story series.
Drama Thriller
Firkkie Firkkie, 2018, 120 min
Ankush Bhatt
London, United Kingdom
Gritty thriller
Action Thriller
Never Rains But It Pours Never Rains But It Pours, 2018, 24 min
London, United Kingdom
Two psychiatrists start down the path of addiction and obsession in this comedy drama series.
Comedy Drama
Kill Mode Kill Mode, 2018, 15 min
Paul Harrison Paul Harrison
London, United Kingdom
At night killers plot...
My Turtle Dove My Turtle Dove, 2017, 7 min
Jay Stephen, Ralph Briscoe Jay Stephen, Ralph Briscoe Ashica Stephen, Jay Stephen, Ralph Briscoe
London, United Kingdom
A patriotic film celebrating diversity and tolerance in modern day Britain.
Art-house Documentary Gay and Lesbian Romance Short
The Breakthrough The Breakthrough, 2017, 7 min
Andrew Anderson Andrew Anderson Andrew Anderson, Georgina Morgan
London, United Kingdom
David Cunningham hasn't had a breakthrough in years ... until now
Black Comedy
Blast Off Blast Off, 2017, 10 min
Puvanai Tarasin Iain Saxton Puvanai Tarasin
London, United Kingdom
An absudist tale of retribution.
Mr Silly Bunny and the Magical tab Mr Silly Bunny and the Magical tab, 2017, 2 min
Alistair Nicholls Alistair Nicholls
London, International
A stop-motion animated Deer takes LSD
Animation Black Comedy Comedy Short
Brian Brian, 2017, 6 min
Amir Ibrahim
London, International
A surreal comedy about a girl moving next door to an outlandish man.
Black Comedy Comedy Drama Romance Short
Waiting on Change Waiting on Change, 2017, 9 min
Jay Macpherson, Matt Hudson Jay Macpherson, Matt Hudson Jay Macpherson, Matt Hudson
London, United Kingdom
A film about complacency in the workplace
Comedy Drama
Ww(doubleyou) Ww(doubleyou), 2017, 7 min
Som Cunningham
London, International
Video For Scene 8 From The Film
Animation Art-house Drama Erotic Experimental Fantasy
Harvey Harvey, 2017, 19 min
Hassan Husseini Oliver Brown
London, United Kingdom
An abusive ageing debt collector struggles with a brain tumour and is discovered by his employer who decides to take him out of the game
Crime Drama Short
24 August 2016 24 August 2016, 2017, 121 min
Marco Bertoldo
London, United Kingdom
You Tramp, Therefore You Am You Tramp, Therefore You Am, 2017, 11 min
Core Of Monkos Core Of Monkos Core Of Monkos
London, United Kingdom
Roles have switched but the chaos continues when Trevor, Henry and Kevin cross paths again.
Black Comedy Comedy
The King's Oak The King's Oak, 2017, 7 min
Core Of Monkos Core Of Monkos Core Of Monkos
London, United Kingdom
A dysfunctional group of amateur filmmakers discover a portal in the woods.
Black Comedy Comedy Science Fiction
Lost Lost, 2017, 25 min
Michael Grieser Johns
London, International
A fever dream inside the hunger and thirst of man
Adventure Drama Experimental Science Fiction
Justified Justified, 2017, 95 min
Ndu Anike Adaeze Ejike Ndu Anike
London, International
Justified... who is...?
Black Thriller