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Cancrelat Cancrelat, 2019, 13 min
Stephan Bookas Stephan Bookas Stephan Bookas
Prague, Czech Republic
A woman in Prague reads Kafka's Metamorphosis finds herself transformed into a bug and desperate to become human again.
Black Comedy Comedy Drama Fantasy Short Supernatural
Unchaste Unchaste, 2018, 5 min
Gautam Charles Gautam Charles Gautam Charles
Prague, Czech Republic
A priest with a dark past
Cold Line Cold Line, 2017, 10 min
Paul Dean Paul Dean, Pavlina Zipkova Stu Menta
Prague, International
We all need to forgive somebody
Horror Mystery Romance Short Thriller
Fashion Style by Hikaru Tenyo Fashion Style by Hikaru Tenyo, 2016, 1 min
Hikaru Tenyo Constantine Gurnov
Prague, International
Fashion Style by Hikaru Tenyo
Advertising Art-house Experimental Independent Music Video Women
Counting Stars Counting Stars, 2016, 10 min
Maanavi Bedi Maanavi Bedi
Prague, Czech Republic
A heartwarming story about a complicated relationship, showcasing a bond between a nine year old girl; grown before her time; and her mother.
Children Drama Independent Short Student
Red Roofs Red Roofs, 2016, 100 min
Prague, Czech Republic
Freedom of Speech and Censorship in Cinema
Documentary Foreign Language Historical Independent
REFLECTION in the EYE of a DEAD FISH REFLECTION in the EYE of a DEAD FISH, 2014, 22 min
Lewis Häusler Beat Lowensberg
Prague, Czech Republic
A parable on first love and fishing after the fall of Soviet Communism.
Drama Foreign Language Independent Reality Romance Short
Trýzeň Trýzeň, 2014, 19 min
Translation: Torment
Jakub Sládek Martina Balážová
Prague, Czech Republic
An artist, obsesed with his work.
Comedy Drama Experimental Foreign Language Horror Independent Romance Short Thriller ...
The Entangled The Entangled, 2014, 9 min
Stanislav Sekela Jakub Slama
Prague, Czech Republic
An animated drama about the strong connection between two lovers from the plant life.
Animation Drama Romance Short Student
Mademoiselle Nimsi Mademoiselle Nimsi, 2013, 3 min
Dave Lojek Dave Lojek Dave Lojek
Prague, Czech Republic
Your mind is the trap.
Comedy Drama Experimental Fantasy Independent Music Video Reality Short Silent Women ...
Coexistence Coexistence, 2012, 5 min
Jakub Sládek Jakub Sládek
Prague, Czech Republic
Bizzare film about relationships.
Art-house Experimental Independent Romance Short Silent
Simple Simple, 2012, 1 min
Prague, Czech Republic
A short but great drama of unrequited love.
Action Animation Comedy Fantasy Short Student
From Cherries to Cherries From Cherries to Cherries, 2011, 57 min
Jana Borskova
Prague, Czech Republic
Intimate portrait
Link Limits Link Limits, 2009, 8 min
Prague, Czech Republic
Dobře placená procházka Dobře placená procházka, 2009, 85 min
Translation: A Walk Worthwhile
Jirí Slitr, Jirí Suchý
Prague, Czech Republic
Musical play from National theatre Prague
Yaya Yaya, 2009, 16 min
Dominik Jun
Prague, Czechoslovakia
The world starts to freeze for a couple as they break up
Art-house Drama Independent
Breaking up and Other Difficult Situations Breaking up and Other Difficult Situa..., 2009, 15 min
Prague, Czech Republic
Being a Tourist at Home Being a Tourist at Home, 2009, 38 min
Jaroslava Bagdasarova Pavla Kubečková
Prague, Czech Republic
A documentary about tourism, shooted in the far North of Russia - Chukotka.
Documentary Independent Student
Kdopak by se vlka bál Kdopak by se vlka bál, 2008, 90 min
Translation: Who's Afraid of the Wolf
Vratislava Slajer Maria Prochazkova
Prague, Czech Republic
Love and divorce of parents from a child's perspective.
Children Drama Fantasy
Sister Sister, 2008, 65 min
Jiri Konecny Jachym Topol, Vit Pancir
Prague, Czech Republic
The debut of experimental and cartoon filmmaker is based on one of the most visible Czech novels after the fall of the iron curtain.
Documentary Experimental